Father's Day

Father's Day

So in two weeks it will be Father's Day... It's the last 'first' for me to get through apart from the anniversary. I don't know how to cope with it. My dad was my everything!! Father's day last year was the last time I was ever able to get him anything and celebrate with him. I got him a beautiful Tie and cufflinks set which he wore on the day of his funeral.... Any help? Many Thanks in advance xxxx

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  • Hello laura I know how difficult it can be when you have lost a dear parent. I lost both my mum and my dad within three months of each other so felt total desolated. I think it would be good to go somewhere or do something that you and your dad enjoyed together as a way of remembering him when he was well and you wee both happy. Best wishesto you Irene

  • I lost my Dad in 1998 and Mum in 2007, each milestone I live off the beautiful memories I have and cherish the great up bringing they gave me.

    I know it's no constellation and only you can find the way to cope but memories for me is a good coping tool.

    Take care and cherish the wonderful memories.

    David 1968

  • This must be a very sad time for you. I can understand. Good memories can never be taken from you I find making memory books help me with grief. Remember the good times and the happy times. Be grateful for your good memories you have been so lucky to have such a fab father - some of us didnt!!! Try to make a plan for the day perhaps visit a special place and light a candle for him. With much love TAD xxx

  • Hi Laurie I lost my dad in 2008 and still can't look at Father's Day cards in the shops. I know exactly how you feel. It does get easier as the years go by. xx

  • What a beautiful tie & cuff links,I bet he was chuffed with those!

    I think you have had some great ideas posted here,was there a favourite place that he loved? Maybe go there & reflect on the good times you had.Be thankful that you had such a good relationship with your Dad,as Tad said,plenty don't!

    It sounds trite saying 'times a great healer' but it is true.xxxx

  • I feel for you Laura. I lost my Husband 2 months ago and I know Father's day is going to be hard for my son and daughter this year. Think of the good times and think of him with love...try not to be sad. He wouldn't want you to be. :-D

  • You have my sympathies, I went through that with my mother, I decided to avoid all areas "celebrating" mothers day and went out for a picnic and a stroll along a beach, we visited an area we had never visited and I spotted a little church, so peaceful inside, I lit a candle and left a message in a box asking for a

    Prayer to be said for her, after that I felt settled and coped with things. The first year is tough,but you get through it, parents wouldn't want you to hurt too long, they want you to get on with life.

  • Loss is hard no matter what . but the greatest loss is of love . and that comes in many forms . I'm sorry for your loss Laura and can offer little comfort .But that you had a wonderful relationship that you can cherish the thought. bless you

  • I lost my mom February 13 the first mothers day I went to the crematorium where we have a name plate for her I took flowers and a card. It is very difficult the first Christmas, birthday mothers day and then the days in-between I just take myself off up to the crematorium I hope you can find a place. xx

  • Hello laura

    i lost my mum and dad within 5 months of each other in 1981 they were both only 59 years old! And i was 21.

    Although ime married with kids of my own. I've never forgotten them and like others say "cherish" the memories you have.

    ime 54 now and still tell mum and dad things ive done and i do believe they hear me and watch over me

  • Concentrate on the happy times and try to remember all the good and funny times you have had and also if you have someone who knew him to talk with and celebrate the day if you can

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