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I recently had a sleep study, the results of which have shown I have a degree of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Because of this, my Consultant has requested I have a trial of Positive Airway Pressure Treatment to see if this will help my symptoms.

I am to go to the Lung Function Dept on Monday 9th June where I will be shown how to use the equipment. I then return there on Friday 13th June so they can assess the outcome.

We go off on holiday on Monday 16th June so I hope everything is sorted out!!! lol

Life is never dull when you have COPD!!!


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I have restrictive lung disease and was tested for Sleep apnea but it was on the day of my lung function and various other test including x ray, so was walking all over the hospital. This meant I was shattered and fell asleep down stairs on the settee and when I did get up to bed and attached the machine I could not sleep so the test was a waste of time but they have not offered another even though the have found I lose a further 12.2% lung function when flat?


It looks as if I will be using it for four nights before returning it to the Lung Function Department to assess how it went.



I attended a sleep study in July last yearat the request of my GP and was found to have moderate level Sleep Apnoea. I was given a CPAP machine straight away.

In the first two months I had a less than good experience (Did not get on with Nasal Mask and was waking up with the it in my hand having pulled it off during the night).

I went back to the clinic and was issued with a Variable pressure machine (VPAP or BPAP) which was just the ticket and the rest is history. I now average 7,5 hours uninterrupted sleep and feel much more refreshed in the morning. I am used to the wearing the mask but it is a pain looking after it (cleaning and changing water on the humidifier).

I am reaping the benefits now put it did need persistence. BTW it did not make my breathing any easier, I am not so tired during the day as I used to be.

There are some web sites and my favourite is They have a forum and sell all sorts of extra bits and pieces to help with the experience (reasonable prices too).

I was diagnosed with moderate level COPD 4 years ago and it now seems I was misdiagnosed and am now undertaking various tests for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I mention this because I do suffer with SOB.



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