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A follow up on my Mum and 'I don't know what to do to help'

Hello all you lovely people.

So it's been a month or so now since I was last on here, in tears, not knowing what to do for the best. A lot of people told me to be patient with my Mum as she comes to terms with her diagnosis of COPD. She has cried in my arms and told me that she won't be in this world much longer, very hard for a daughter to hear. she wasn't eating and she didn't want to leave the house.

Anyway she was put on antidepressants and is finally coming out the other side. She is laughing and smiling again, she is eating more and she goes out everyday :-) She was put on seratide and for the past few days she hasn't needed it. She hasn't had a breathless moment in a long time.

She is enjoying life again. Ok she still wishes she could do a lot more but hay it's a start.

I want to thank EVERYONE for all your kind words of support and encouragement. I have said it before and I will say it again. You are all fantastic and you are all inspirational!

Big hugs to you all


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That's great news Kim I am so pleased for you and her. One word though she needs to keep taking all her meds as prescribed even if she thinks she doesn't need it. It is the accumulated effect which is of the most benefit. x


Thank you for your advice. I have told her and she said she will carry on taking it.x

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I agree with coughalot Kim but what great news. It must be lovely to have your mum back again even though she is ill, it is not the end and she seems to be doing very well. Keep smiling and hope mum continues on the up. Take care. xxxx

Hi Kim thank-you for letting us know this excellent news about mum,you must be so relieved to see her back in the land of living and laughing again.I also agree with coughalot mum must take her meds as prescribed even though shes feeling so much better.Happy days Kim keep in touch maybe mum will join us someday eh? takecare now :) Janexx

Thank you everyone and I will tell her about her meds, thank you for the warning. I suppose she wants to feel some what 'normal' she does take another inhaler with a capsule? Fingers crossed she carries on improving. She has tickets to go to the top of the shard building so needs to prepare for that, haha! X

Hi Kim, great to hear your Mum is coming to terms with her illness but must reiterate the importance of taking her meds.Seretide ,which I take, is a long term medication that is accumulative and so she needs to take it as prescribed.Do give her my best wishes and to you too.D.

Thank you, yes I did tell her and she is taking it again. Take care x

Fantastic news Kim thank you for letting us know - long May she stay well and happy xxxx

Thank you

Great news Kim - really pleased for you both. love cx

Thank you x

Onwards and upwards now!

Brill news, she's done so well to turn herself around so quickly, no doubt, mostly down to you, what a great daughter you are. x

Thank you, that means a lot.c

Yes,I agree with casper,how lucky she is to have such a caring daughter! Great to hear things are looking up,for both your sakes! Love & hugs Wendells xxx

Thank you.x

That certainly is great news. It is always hard to hear the diagnosis for most diseases, espcially those that don't have a cure, and it takes a little time to come to terms with it. Everyone is different and everyone handles it a little differently but am very happy to hear your mom has come to terms with it and is back living her life again. I'm sure she will have days where she will feel down again but hopefully they won't last long and her being as active as possible is supposed to be one of the best things she can do.

I'm sure your support means the world to her as well and having someone supportive like yourself is always important and comforting.

Wish her the best.


Thank you for your kind words.x

Fab news and inspiration to all of us .... bound to have tough time with diagnosis then with acceptance then with changes to how life is managed and lived .... great when we see that life is still worth living well and that with best self and medical management we can make best and longest of it:) relief for you too. Am glad. X

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Thank you. Like I say, early days but she has now come to terms with the fact that she can't do all that she could do, but that is down to her age to and she is aware of this. X

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What a lovely caring daughter you are, our illness can be depressing at times, I am so pleased to hear your Mum is feeling much better about things and coping better, she will probably get some bad days but with an understanding daughter like you to turn to she will have a long and fairly good quality of life, take care

Jude xx


Thank you Jude for your kind words. She knows I am always there for her and I told her yesterday how proud I am of her and how great she is doing.x

Awwww. Can I adopt you? Lol. xx

Haha! She calls me her therapist, but to be honest all the advice I have given her has been from everyone on here. I don't do anything it's all you wonderful people.x

Oh thats great to hear you must be so relieved best wishes Judith xxx

I am. It so lovely to see her laughing again. Thank you.x

I'm so pleased Kim my mom had COPD and we spent hours together going shopping mom hated the summer it really used to affect her more hope your mom keeps on improving

Thank you. Yep shopping used to be something she hated at first but now she is happy to do this. She still gets days when she says she can't be bothered but compared to how she was its a huge improvement.xx

Kim, it is great news that your Mam appears to have come to terms with her diagnosis of COPD.

It can be very hard fir some people but your Mam seems to have mastered it.

Good for her!


Thank you, she is doing well.xx

Thats great but she must take her Seretide regardless of how well she feels as it is a long lasting preventer.

Thank you, yes I have told her and she understands and has started taking it again.

copd isnt a death sentance. u just need to adjust and take the meds. i was diagnosed 15 years ago im at stage 4 . i will never give in.i am 73 ,was in hospital 3 times oct/nov,now my flat is kitted out like a hospital,o2/nebulises and all the meds.i get looked after so well ann extremly gratful.keep positive and take the meds .good luck

Good for you. I tell her that she controls her condition and not the other way around. She is now talking about going on holiday which is a huge improvement to a few months ago when she didn't even want to plan for the following week. She doesn't even talk about it now saying that she doesn't even notice her breathing she is just getting on with life. Wishing you well and thank you for your reply.x

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