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Weekend Wit (hope you all have a good one)

Don't Get the Hump!!!!

A newly commissioned officer is posted to the desert to take charge of a group of soldiers.He was given his own tent and corporal to attend all his needs. After a few days he started getting manly urges, and was so frustrated he asked his corporal what the men do to relieve themselves of the urges, as there was no women in the camp !!

Well sir he replied there is a camel behind the back of the mess tent the men use that, there is also a stool there to help you.

The officer looked disgusted and thought, I will just put up with the urges !!!

After 14 days the urges became unbearable and in the dead of night went behind the mess tent placed the stool behind the camel and proceeded to relieve his frustration!!

The corporal hears noises coming from behind the mess tent, so he goes to investigate.

He sees his commander at the back of the camel, on the stool and trousers round his ankles....

What are you doing sir the corporal asks?

The embarrassed Officer turns and says, sorry corporal the urge is just too much so I'm relieving the urge just like the men do!!!...

No sir replied the corporal.... The men use the stool to climb onto the camel and ride to a village half a mile a way where there's a brothel ????

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Oh that's terrible Bob! But very funny :) x

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Oh Plumbob,don't know what to! xx


an oldie but a goodie - thank you x


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