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god grant me the senility to forget the people i never liked, the good fortune to remember the ones i do,and the eyesight to tell the differ


now that im older , heres what ive discovered:

[1] i started with nothing,, and still have most of it.

[2]my "wild oats" are mostly enjoyed with prunes and all-bran

[3] i finally got my head together,,,and now my bodies falling apart

[3] funny,,,i dont remember being absent minded

[5] funny,,,,i dont remember being absent minded :)

[6] it was a whole job easier to get older, than to get wiser

[7] some days your top dog: some days your the lampost

8] kids in the back seat cause accidents.

[9] accidents in the back seat cause kids

[10] these days i spend time thinking of the hereafter,,,,,i go somewhere to get something, and then i wonder what im here after

[11] funny, i dont remember being absent minded

[10] funny, i dont remember being absent minded

,,,,, have i put this on before?:) keep smiling jimmy xxxx

[who never slept a wink last night,,,,or was it last night lol]

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Ha Ha Jimmy wonderful. Have a good weekend. Beautiful day here, at the moment, hope it lasts. Jimmy the Jovial Jock. Sorry it is meant as a term of endearment xx


morning suzy, same to you suz have a great weekend,,, its the same here in edin,, beautiful blue skies,,, for a change:)

the jovial jock ha ha,,,,,,, best regards,,jimmyxxx


I have never read that one before, Jimmy. So true and thanks for sharing it.


Some good ones there Jimmy, but less of the heavy breathing!!


Ha ha brilliant,xxx good to see you back in good form Jimmy,hope you're feeling better xxx


Brilliant jimmy and good to see you have your great sense of humour still. Wishing you well and a better sleep tonight. Lots of love, Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Made me smile Jimmy, just what we need every day.



These are great Jimmy, but my favourite is number 7!! Speak to you later. Didn't know you lived in Edinburgh. I lived there for a year. Sorry you had a bad night, but you'll make up for it tonight I am sure. hugs xxx


So good to see you back on form Jimmy enjoyed that alot so true :p Wishing you a better sleep tonight. :) Janexx


Made me giggle :) Hope your feeling better very soon xx


Thank you Jimmy you always make me laugh, start the day right, Have a great weekend. x


veery good thank you xx


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