god grant me the senility to forget the people i never liked, the good fortune to remember the ones i do,and the eyesight to tell the differ


now that im older , heres what ive discovered:

[1] i started with nothing,, and still have most of it.

[2]my "wild oats" are mostly enjoyed with prunes and all-bran

[3] i finally got my head together,,,and now my bodies falling apart

[3] funny,,,i dont remember being absent minded

[5] funny,,,,i dont remember being absent minded :)

[6] it was a whole job easier to get older, than to get wiser

[7] some days your top dog: some days your the lampost

8] kids in the back seat cause accidents.

[9] accidents in the back seat cause kids

[10] these days i spend time thinking of the hereafter,,,,,i go somewhere to get something, and then i wonder what im here after

[11] funny, i dont remember being absent minded

[10] funny, i dont remember being absent minded

,,,,, have i put this on before?:) keep smiling jimmy xxxx

[who never slept a wink last night,,,,or was it last night lol]

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  • Ha Ha Jimmy wonderful. Have a good weekend. Beautiful day here, at the moment, hope it lasts. Jimmy the Jovial Jock. Sorry it is meant as a term of endearment xx

  • morning suzy, same to you suz have a great weekend,,, its the same here in edin,, beautiful blue skies,,, for a change:)

    the jovial jock ha ha,,,,,,, best regards,,jimmyxxx

  • I have never read that one before, Jimmy. So true and thanks for sharing it.

  • Some good ones there Jimmy, but less of the heavy breathing!!

  • Ha ha brilliant,xxx good to see you back in good form Jimmy,hope you're feeling better xxx

  • Brilliant jimmy and good to see you have your great sense of humour still. Wishing you well and a better sleep tonight. Lots of love, Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Made me smile Jimmy, just what we need every day.


  • These are great Jimmy, but my favourite is number 7!! Speak to you later. Didn't know you lived in Edinburgh. I lived there for a year. Sorry you had a bad night, but you'll make up for it tonight I am sure. hugs xxx

  • So good to see you back on form Jimmy enjoyed that alot so true :p Wishing you a better sleep tonight. :) Janexx

  • Made me giggle :) Hope your feeling better very soon xx

  • Thank you Jimmy you always make me laugh, start the day right, Have a great weekend. x

  • veery good thank you xx

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