happy with myself today

my patio needed power washing, i usually ask some one to do it for me once a year ,today i thought get off your backside and do it yourself, it took me from 9 this morning until 2.30 this afternoon (plenty of rest in between washing).when i could do it, it took me an hour and a half.but i feel quite pleased with myself now that its done i`m pretty bushed now ,it will be an early night to bed i think

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  • Thats great ,well done xx

  • Hi Whit good for you,it is easy to say oh I cant do that,but such a sense of achievment when we do make the effort when feeling quite good.Sleep well tonight :) Janexx

  • welldone mate . the self satisfaction on doing it your self shuch a pick me up .

  • Well done. xx

  • Well done whit, I'm sure it was hard work but its worth it for the feeling of achievement when you look at that gleaming patio, all set for the hot summer ahead and those barbecues eh'.


  • Fantastic really good job !! Xx

  • Well done whit. It is a lovely feeling of satisfaction isn't it. Gives you a high. Sleep well tonight. xx

  • Fantastic well done.

    Kim xxx

  • Well done a lovely positive post! It does us good,to challenge ourselves,& what a lovely feeling when there's success!

    Even if it doesn't work out,at least we have tried,& that's so important! Good on you! xxx

  • Well done, I find one of the biggest drawbacks is raising the commitment level to say , Yes I CAN DO THAT,

    Last week I managed to mow the lawns, took about 5 hours, used to be 1 hour, then follows the self satisfaction of thinking, I can still do things.

  • Well done.

    I do my own postage stamp lawn as long as I have my garden chair close by to get my breath back and it is not raining I will get it done. Time is not my issue.

    Be Well

  • Well done, psyching myself up to do ours, might have a go now.

  • Read your tweet first thing. Great and it has motivated me. I realised that I had become very lazy using my COPD as an excuse. I have started on my patio - it was disgusting - so will take some time but thanks to you I have at least started. It is too easy to put things off. Thanks again.

  • Well done on another score Whit. Look how many people you have encouraged to be more active and have a go. Me i'm off to try and dig and weed some very neglected flower beds. xx

  • Let's all have a "I've done a bit more weekend" I'm off to Telford to pick up a table, then it is plant spuds time and the lawn wants doing again. Hope for a dry weekend

  • Your right Offcut keep the garden chair handy. I need mine every couple of minutes , as you say time is not an issue

  • We'll done on doing the patio it do"s not matter how long it took to do it you can say now I did that and feal good about it rest tomorrow now good luck

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