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Calling Kings Lynn Breathe Easy Group Members........ do you have a meeting on the 2nd June, ?

and is the speaker a Chest Consultant. ?????

If any one knows the group organisers phone number I would be happy to make contact myself. As there is no group in my area I have to travel, & I dont want another wasted journey because of incorrect details on BLF web site.

Many thanks ...... J.

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The speaker is a GP not a consultant.


Thank you for your reply. O.K. so its a Gp..... fine.

But you still have not answered the that event taking place or not. ?

Is the listing another error by BLF showing last years programmes.....?

as with Grantham and Wisbech Breathe Easy Groups recently..

It was an hour each way by car to get to Wisbech from where I live.....

Kings Lynn is about 1 .25 hours each way.

So I have no wish to spend any more time & money on another fools errand.

Apart from which, no doubt a lot more people would attend , and make an effort to attend the Breathe Easy Groups meetings if they knew what was going on.

The BLF is doing the hard working organisers of Breathe Easy Groups a disservice by poor advertising .

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Surely BLF have a contact number for the Chair of the group why not give them a ring.

polly xx


Hi there Polly,

Thankyou for your reply......

Over 2 weeks ago I wrote asking the moderator if it would be possible

( with a group organisers consent or course )

to list a contact phone number on each Breathe Easy Group Page for the organiser.

Or nominated person to contact................ I am still waiting for a reply.

It took two phone calls over 3 working days to get an incorrect answer the last time....

The " will ring back and or leave a message " never happened.

So no I wont be ringing them..... thanks all the same.

J. xx

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The contact numbers on each group page are already agreed with each group. Some groups do not want personal contact numbers on the website to stop unsolicited calls etc.

if you have questions about the treatment and management of your condition you should call the BLF Helpline and ask to speak to one of the respiratory nurses.

If you want to join the Kings Lynn group call the Helpline on Monday and find out more about next weeks meeting. I'm fairly sure the Kings Lynn group is a brand new group so will be more than happy to greet new members.


To the Moderator / Administrator.

Thank you for your reply .

I can accept the problem of unsolicited calls to group members, and their having no wish to display phone numbers.

You still have not answered the question ....... Is there a meeting in Kings Lynn on 2nd June 2014 or not. ?

After all this time you are suggesting that I ring in tomorrow morning to the BLF to ask for details on the next meeting which according to your pages is tomorrow 2 nd. June.2014. at 1.30 pm.

If I am lucky enough to get a answer that I can trust...... the time will at the earliest will be 10am ' ish.'.

It takes 1.25 hours from where I live to get to the meeting as I have already stated .......& that does not include the time spent finding the place ,road works or other hold ups. That leaves me precious little time .

Thank you no,....... I have no wish to ring your nurse help line regarding my treatment or management of my condition.

I have a perfectly adequate service and respiratory nurse at my GP's practice.

As a retired Ward Sister , who trained in London , worked in various places from Harley Street to the West & East Midlands and who is still interested in all matters of health, I wish to listen and learn and perhaps converse with members of the medical profession and physio's in relation to all things new in surgical & respiratory medicine.

I am sure you will agree ....... we terminate these e mails now, we are getting nowhere.

I, sad to say wont be trailing off to Kings Lynn just in case like Wisbech the meeting is not on.



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