Physical side effects of severe anxiety?

Hi guys, im 21 years old. Ive been struggling with real bad anxiety latley, it's been affecting my job and hanging out with my girlfriend. I get worried and work, worry about if I stopped breathing or forgot how to actually breathe entirely.. I have a hard time sitting or laying still at night, laying on my stomach feels a lot better. I get these little episode where it feels like im not breathing right and not getting enough air and I have bad feeling my lungs are just gonna fail or somthibg bad. Latley along with that I feel somthibg in my back some kind of discomfort, could that just be from the stress and anxiety? Yesterday it felt like my rib was rubbing up against my right lung at the bottom it feels lik3 and that's never happened, it felt a little uncomfortable to take a deep breathe on my right side. Anyone else had this? I went to the doctor maybe a month ago and tney said my lungs sounded fine, they didnt do any other tests other then listen to them though. Could I just be thinkin about it way to much to much which is causing this? Any replies will help, god bless

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Your sub concious will keep you breathing so no need to worry about forgetting to do it. Maybe the pain in your right side is just your muscles aching a bit. from breathing too hard. I'm no doctor and this is just a suggestion.

Hi I am sorry you are suffering like this. I think you need to go back to the doctors and ask for further investigation and maybe a chest x-ray to rule out any problems. There is a good anxiety site on health unlocked, just go to other communities at the top and look under anxiety support.. They should be able to help. x


Puffs right you cant forget to breathe, sounds very much like anxiety why don't you try some relaxation techniques. Go back to your doctor and get him to examine you again and send you for some tests.

Good luck

Kim xxx

I think your anxiety is causing you more concern than anything else and that needs help with first, you must go back to the Dr and I know that's hard for someone of 21

I have a son of 21 and he does not like to bother the Dr. You are not bothering them they are paid to look after your best interest.. Address this first and then I am sure everything else will improve, your thoughts need help and anxiety can let your mind run away with you..It may also be an idea to speak to family if at all possible about what triggers this off.. either way do not suffer with it, help is there sometimes we all need support in times through our lives, addressing this is step no 1 .. Good Luck and try and chill a little through the night, sleep is important to aid and repair our body.

At the same time ... pursue medical checks assertive ...It is your right. And also monitor when you are feeling anxious. If you find that it is ok when distracted doing something watching TV or gardening ... then do more distracting stuff listen to meditation or music as you drift off to sleep. If you are really ok when distracted then it could all be in the mind and anxiety will have physical affect .... also you could try counselling. Xxx

Hi, just to say that I agree with the others ...go back to your gp and explain exactly the sensations ...pain, anxiety etc...that you are feeling. You may be hyperventilating too, so try and breathe gently through your nose and not your mouth.....some people find pursed lip breathing useful to steady the tube have instructions. I find meditation calming, but you need to sort your symptoms with the doctor.

Hi, I agree with all the advise given - please go back to your doctor. Good idea to keep a diary that is very useful to see a pattern which you may not be aware of. Don't leave it, you need to sort this out. Keep asking your doctor he may not understand how serious this is for you. Take care, good luck TAD xx

Hi,what an excellent idea of Tads,to keep a diary,that Realy would help you see the pattern there.You have some great advice from our friends up there! Do please go & see your Doctor,& make him listen! Good luck with it all,xxx

Hi Mranxious very nice to meet you and welcome.Anxiety and panic attacks are horrible and a lot of us on this site have experienced this in some way.I was just wondering if you were a little fed up or a little depressed at all maybe worrying about something or even everything which has bought on these bouts of anxiousness? Please dont worry your lungs wont stop or forget how to work! Our brain is a wonderful organ but can play games with us in as far as if when doing something and you have one of these attacks without realising when you go to do the same thing again if you remember this and what happened the last time without realising on comes another horrid moment,if you can distract yourself as others have suggested and be as posiitve as you can be this may help you , but i agree with the others you must go see your gp again and explain clearly whats been happening your doc can help,I suffer with panic so feel for you but my doctor has been brilliant with me as Im sure yours will be but you need to be honest with them so they can understand properly.I promise you this will improve ,bloody things they are.Keep in touch and let us know how things go for you mranxious goodluck now :) Janexx

Hi there! So let me try to address all of your concerns one by one. I am an RN and my mum had a lung transplant almost 10 years ago. I am very familiar with the side effects of anxiety, whether it be from difficulty breathing or just anxiety for unknown reasons. A common side effect of anxiety is nausea, maybe you haven’t noticed this symptom and maybe now you can recognize an attack coming on before it consumes you. The way your respiratory system works is it is controlled by your brain. There are very few ways for you to stop breathing. First way is if your brain was damaged, second is if you have taken too much medication that can sedate you. This can depress your respiratory drive, third is too much CO2 in your system, this is common with patients that have COPD. In reference to the pain you have near your ribs, I truly believe you are so fixated and worried about your breathing that you are causing yourself to feel pain that has no rhyme or reason to be there. I believe you are trying to cause yourself to believe something is wrong so that maybe in turn you can go to the doctor and have further tests done in hope to just tell you you are fine. When you feel your anxiety coming on breathe like this “smell the roses, and blow out the candles" nice and slow

Thanks for all the replies. Ist just so hard to believe all of this is from anxiety. I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow I just want an x ray done to make sure everything is okay, and if so I have a long road ahead of me in coping with these crazy anxiety episodes. My life has.become so fixated on my breathing that it's all I think about all day. Literally from when I wake up till when I finally get to sleep.

I know Mranxiouse11 how you feel , i have Anxiety attacks myself , i am tripping over my Emphysema and have the same thoughts like you , I am scarred that i stop breathing ,i take Meds for my anxiety ,Clonazapam , not a very good Drug ,very adictive , but i just take when needed, also my Anxiety is so bad , i sleep with my Oxyreader in my Hand ,for Month now , i don't go nowhere without ,i tell you my Anxiety got so bad , i drive to the Store want to go Shopping , i see all the People , i turn around and go back home , i know what Anxiety can doo to you , you need to talk to your Doctor , you very young and you need to enjoy your life , please go to your doctor ,,i am new myself , i ask for help on here, and now i give you advice ,,them People on here so great and kind , i wish you good luck my friend

I also get so panicky, scared and frightened as I can't breath - so worried . On oxygen c2. anxious all the time. Have LanLangerhan's Histiocytosis with Sarcoidosis. Has anyone been diagnosed with this and please can any one help me. Had all tests at Royal Brompton possible and have to return again in November but under my local Consultant near my home. So Worried. Please can can ony one help. I would so appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

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