A retired man went into a London job centre and saw a card advertising for a Gynaecologists assistant. He went in and asked the clerk the

details. The clerk said the job entails getting the ladies ready for the Gynaecologist . You have to help the women out of there underwear, lay them down and carefully wash there private regions apply shaving cream and shave them. The job is £84,000 a year and you will have to go to Inverness. " good grief, it gets so cold wet there at this time of the year ....Is that where the job is? " "No Sir. That's where the end of the queue is. "

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  • It could be worth the wait with those wages ! :)

  • lol thank you x

  • also like the tags - story in themselves viz. 'Retired Gynaecologist - grief - cold underwear'!

  • Enjoyed that Malk did bring a smile .Hope your keeping well at the moment? :) Janexx

  • The last time I enquired the queue was in Bahrain! hahaha!

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