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feeling rather anxious at the moment over prescriptions

Hi all. I am feeling rather anxious at the moment. I am agoraphobic have been for quite a lot of years now. I can not leave the house at all unless some one is with me. I am so worried about all my medications that I have not slept too well the last few nights through worrying. I am unable to go to the chemist and have to relie on people picking my medication up for me or taking me to get it. I am on saline 6% that I have through a nebuliser 2 to 3 times a day and this is due to run out today. I was a bit scared to use it over the weekend as I knew I was running low. I phoned gp surgery this morning and told them the saline had not been put on the repeat prescription request so could I be left a urgent prescription at reception and I will try to get someone to pick it up tomorrow.Receptionist shouted at me and told me to come down to surgery to fill in a form. I told her I was unable to leave the house. Also Doctor has started me on Mucodyne 250mg/5ml take 15ml twice a day. for some unknown reason have been given a bottle of medicine that will only last 10 days. It says on my repeat prescription on line it is due for issue again Saturday 31st May. As this falls on a Saturday not sure when this item would actually arrive at the chemist. I have asked for a doctor to ring me so I could tell them that as I have agoraphobia I need more then 2 weeks of saline and only 10 days of mucodyne at a time. Need somehow to get medications to be due at the same time so would then only have to find someone to go to chemist for me about once a month. I am on 5 different medications. I am getting really stressed out about not being able to find any one on a regular basis to go to the chemist for me.

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Hi can't be easy for you to organise things whilst trying to cope with your health issues and I'm sorry to know that you've been restricted so much with going outdoors.

Firstly, your GP/medical centre definately need to know about the agoraphobia so that some of that pressure can be lessened and you might even be offered some help to deal with it. Also, most chemists now do a home delivery service of prescriptions, free of charge, so next time a friend can accompany you do go along to the chemist and fill in the necessary form.

Hoping things will ease for you soon...Lovelight x


Ring 111 they can be more helpful than docs least they listen to you and treat you,chemist let me down forgot to put I had to go without inhalor many times it dominates my life,so I feel for you,change surgeries if they shout at you.


I ran out of inhaler recently !!! Never again ... In my diary now to get prescriptions a week early :) x


Prescriptions the horror story of my life,who can you rely on? For 2yrs now,I've had problems so much stress trying to get them on time,or even fighting to get an inhalor that works so I can leave the house on foot,then the doc will not give what the hospital give to me,docs won't treat me or give me the correct inhalor,excuse,we don't do that make,said I want to go private ,oh yes you can do that,we charge £15 for prescription,called there bluff,receptionist, doc says not to pay ,I said I want to try the RPL554 please,it's on the NHS,new one,,,,he went red and angry and said We may not do it.i left as usual in a unhappy state,a couple of months later was so ill infection,hospital again,fight to get inhalor,to be fair I have figured out why? They only do 1 inhalor and unfortunately I was allergic to it ,had to stop it, no other help.,hospital.


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