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One thing after another

Have c.t scan next weds which will hopefully tell me definitely what c.o.p.d I have. Waiting is terrible, but now I am being sent to hospital to have camera put down my throat to check what is going on, has anyone suffered reflux on a daily basis sometimes most of the day, the only symptom I am getting is heavy aching in my chest, no reflux or nasty taste in the mouth, about once a day get dry tongue and dry mouth and a feeling that there is so etching in my throat feels like phlem but not sure,

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Sorry neither me nor my husband have reflux not much help!! But wanted to wish you all the best for the scan, lots of love TAD xx


Don't worry, it's a very simple procedure. You should be able to choose whether to have a numbing throat spray or a sedative. I've had it done several times and always choose the sedative. It's not supposed to knock you out but I've never ever remember a thing about it. If you choose the latter then you have to have an escort home.

Wishing all the best for both scan and endoscopy. Peeg

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Hi Lynisa48.

I haven't had an issue with reflux but have had the bronchoscopy - it is ok. I'm quite nosy so got them to turn the screen so I could see inside myself but I think that wasn't the norm!

I had a bit of a sore throat afterwards but it was fine by the day after and a perfect excuse to eat ice cream so stock up beforehand.

I know the wait for diagnosis is painful, but it will get there in the end.


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Thank you all, really worried just about coping waiting to find out what wrong with my lungs this reflux is an added xtra I could do without


I have had reflux for many years and take omprozarol (I think that is how it is spelt. to lazy to look) I also have peptic liquid, which helped me by stopping the morning cough and slime I was bringing up.

BTW there does seem to be a link between reflux and lung problems. So you might see an improvement once they sort the reflux?


Hi, I have had a reflux problem for what seems donkies years.

I take Esomeprazole daily, this according to my Gp. is forever, along with Gaviscon liquid as & when needed.

I do have to be carefull regarding things I eat. Some items are a definate no no such as..

.......... coffee, chocolate, pickles, tomatoes, garlic, spices,sauces, Peppermint.

but to name a few. I have cut down on dairy products & now drink Soya milk.

My last food of the day is eaten no later than 6-30pm, and my last drink at 8-30pm

I have twice had cameras looking at my stomach (gastroscopies )and another to look at

the throat and vocal chords ( laryngoscopy) The last being the least unpleasant.

I often wake with a musty mouth, its all part of reflux...... No peppermint flavoured toothpaste either....... that gives me wicked heartburn.

Try changing your diet for a few days leaving out some of the above listed foods & see if there is any change. I found out you can have what they call a silent heartburn.

Hope the above is of help....... good luck with the scan, and let us know how you got on.


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Thank you budgies mum , very good advise will let you know how things go


I had terrible acid reflux which was down to alcohol.I,m an alcoholic,been dry 18years now but still use Gaviscon every day.I don,t think my emphysema(severe)has made it any worse.Good luck.D.


Thank you Farmer


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