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Anybody out there using INDACATEROL ? How are you doing on it ?

After starting to use seretide 500 recently twice a day, my GP has told me to stop using my indacaterol (300mg). I still take my Spiriva once a day.

I was against using the seretide because of the steroids, but my Oxygen has dropped to 88 resting over the last 2 months, so I thought I might give it a try.

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Not on it but this may help?


I didn't get on with Seratide at all, didn't help me breathe easier. I've just been put on Onbrez which I believe is indactoral and seems ok so far. I also take Spiriva and a budesonine which I know isn't available in the UK. Not so breathless when get to top of the stairs though but still can't walk up inclines too good (which is a shame because that's where the pub is lol). Hope you get your oxygen level up soon. I suppose it depends on what your condition is (I have emphysema) as some drugs are better at treating other copd conditions.

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