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Does anyone else suffer with wieght loss?


I usually wieght eight and a half stones.I am 66 had copd for three years.Last year i got very ill and was put on to a life support machine for five weeks.I had respiratory.failure.Luckily i got through it.I wasnt educated on what to do when i had a flare up.Iam now with sos packs

I lost a lot of wieght all my muscles have nearly gone.Ihave really tried to put the wieght back on, but cant.Iam on suppliments and i eat ok

The other day i got on the scales and was shocked to see id gone down to 41 kilos. 6 stone 3 pounds. Thats what i was when in Intensive care. I am really struggling.

I have had blood tests to check every thing.Idont get out of breath much.

Any ideas?

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Hello irenec I would suggest you speak to your GP. one suggestion I would make is that you eat 6 small meals a day.

I would not worry too much about low fat foods at present just try to get your weight up a bit. You could drink things like complan in between meals. I would also suggest you try a walk every day this will help to improve your appetite and improve your muscle tone. good luck and best wishes Irene


Hi why don't you ring the BLF helpline? You will find the number under the red balloon at the top of the page. They will be open again at 10am on Tuesday. x


You weigh the same as me, but I've always been very small so it's normal for me. A PR course will help you build the muscle if you can be referred and I agree with hopetorun eat little and often, my dietician told me to put powered milk in everything, even if it's cereal with milk put a couple of tea spoons in, I also have a bowl of mixed nuts and fruit on the coffee table so I pick.

Good luck.


Over the last 12 months my weight went down from 10st 3lbs to about 8st the I got pseudomonas and I went down to 6. 1/2 stones I don't like sugary stuff but have been eating food with a high fat content, after about 6 weeks I have put on 2lb so am chuffed.

More pork pie, crisps, and baby bell cheese plus other things for me.

Good luck putting on weight, I tried the dieticians horrible drinks they were not for me.

polly xx

I have gone down from just under 10st to 8st 2 oz over the past year , I was told it was due to the effort it takes me to breathe . Su x

Like many others here, i got ill with pseudomonas too and TB (the presence of it). I lost weight bery quickly and, like you, when I went to hospital, my muscles just disappeared!

I promised my consultant that as soon as I was out of hospital I would go back to the gym.

I did. I had to start very gently again. No use to rush it. The same goes for eating, you cannot regain weight overnight. I had lots of hot chocolate with whole milk; lots of little cream and cheese.

I stuck to eat steak almost every day for a bit to regain some energy. I learned that turkey is the highest protein content. So I had plenty of that.

It took about 3 months to regain my weight. It's probably going to take me six months to regain a bit of muscle.

I know you may shrink before doing exercise, but this is a vital part in you regaining energy.

I looked on YouTube for exercise for COPD. I also found 8 exercises you can do n the morning. These are chinese ones called 8 pieces of brocade. This weird name comes fromt he fact that if you train, you will see more flexibility in your muscles, and more energy.. There is hope. So take care of your body with courage. You'll get there! It might take about 6 months, but any exercise and regular eating habits will give you back some of those muscles and weight. Be persistent, Have courage!

Yes lost weight,I'm not a good eater anyway,my muscles have gone flat,don't eat much,I will have to exercise for my muscles,my bones are thin aswell,I get no help from docs,they are no good if you have a chronic getting fit is vital,health drinks ,at the docs you can get vitamin drinks on prescription,you have lost a lot,cause you were so ill,build yourself up,eat everything you can,still keep healthy,not to much stooge or you'll create more probs like fat!!

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