Weekend Wit -( Been out of action for a couple of weeks??)

The Rebellious Sparrow

(To protect the easily offended I have changed the word S**t to Pooh , but think S**t sounds better?)

A rebellious young sparrow refuses to fly South for the winter and stays in England

As the winter takes grip and temperatures plummet, the lonely hungry young sparrow loses the ability to fly and crash lands in a field unable to move his frozen little wings.

He thinks to himself it was a bad decision not to conform with other sparrows and fly South.He lays there shivering and prepares himself to die.

As he is about to go unconscious, a cow comes along and Pooh's on him, the sparrow thinks, that's all I need, but then realises the warmth of the Pooh is reviving him and he starts to become more chirpier.

A passing cat hears the happy young sparrow singing away and with a swing of his paw pulls the sparrow out of the Pooh...... and promptly EATS HIM !!

The 3 morals of this story is:-

a) Not everyone who Pooh's on you is your enemy !!

b) Not everyone who pulls you out of the Pooh is your friend !!

c) If your in the Pooh and no one sees you Keep Your Mouth Shut !!!!!

8 Replies

  • Old but good. Suggestion: don't protect the easily offended!!

  • I agree very good, but could be better with the right wording it has a greater impact.

    polly xx

  • Great,but yes agree with Polly there! xxx

  • Let us not be shy with words!! But then the Mods will be pushing their delete button. Loved that - originak - not seen it before. xx

  • ooo, I wasn't expecting that, I was really rooting for that sparrow :(

  • Loved that thank you. :) x

  • Ha ha good one Plumbob, never heard it before. I'm with Peeg and was also rooting for the sparrow. Keep well, hugs xx

  • very good thank you - the version I heard was that the bird happy to be alive at the end flies up to the top of a tree and sings with joy but a young boy having received an air gun for Christmas sees the bird and shoots it dead - and the moral of the story is 'If you get to the top by Bullsh*t keep your mouth shut'.

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