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15 mile per hour - really?


Just been watching a programme I recorded yesterday (Trauma Doctors).

An elderly lady had been knocked off her mobility scooter by a car and sustained very serious injuries.

In hospital, the Paramedic, in passing over her observations to the Dr stated the lady had been travelling at about 15 miles per hour!!! I thought I had heard wrong so replayed it. She had said what I thought she had.

15 miles per hour - wow!!! I somehow think she was a bit wrong here!!!


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Maybe she souped it up with a porsche engine or something :) x

I take it that mobility scooters don't go as fast as 15 m.p.h.? If not, she maybe had concussion or delusions of being a racing driver! Sorry, the lady was injured and its not a laughing matter, but sometimes you cant help but think of ridiculous answers to situations. hugs xx


Seeing some of them whizzing into our local plaza,I can believe it!! Had to skip out of the way a few times lol! xx

hi all class scooters are max 8 miles per I think I will change mine to her make.

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I want one! I want one! I want one! Stamps foot. lol

Bobby xx

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Big baby Bobby xx

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Throwing my rattle out of my pram now Dorothy. lol

Bobby xxxx

We often see a local chap who takes his on the road and it goes a fair lick. Blooming dangerous though.

I watched that programme too, and thought the same!!.. "/

If it goes faster than 8miles an hour you need insurance and a license and a crash helmet and leathers and.....lol

Funny I watched that and only thought about the fact that she was going 15 MPH and the car was doing 20 MPH before hitting her at the rear so the impact was 5 MPH.

We had a women in my city banned from hiring the electric scooters from the city centre because she drove around the precinct at full speed and ended up knocking someone over who was not quick enough to get out of the way.

15 mph if on open throtle is very credible;


Yes, I saw this same documentary t'other night and heard what you heard - reckon she must have had a turbo-charged battery or something :)

Felt so sorry for her and related to some of the unpleasent but nesessary treatment she had. Truly thought she'd never pull through, esp at her age but glad to see that she made it out of hospital x

she is training from Brand's Hatch mobility race!

In our area, this practically is mobility avenue, as there are so many on the pavement. We have a bridge where they have to slow down and go on the road. Very often big lorries get stuck in the bridge, but not the scooters on their way to Sainsbury's!

You probably heard right. Power assisted, electric bicycles can also travel up to 15mph, but no faster otherwise it's illegal.

In the UK it's 4 mph for pavement and 8 mph for road use, but maximum of 4 mph if using an 8 mph on the pavement and on the 8 mph you have to have a free disabled tax disc.I live in a crowded area in London with a 4 mph pavement scooter and all the time I'm being whizzed past by teens and adults going much faster and more silent on racing speed bikes on the pavement...surely bikes used to be illegal on the pavement..but the Police in the East End of London turn a blind eye, yet someone I know got prosecuted for not having the free tax disc because she didn't know about it. If you buy scooters privately second hand you have to find out the rules for yourself and obviously she didn't, but the bikes are a constant hassle and they come as close as possible to my scooter so I have to be extremely vigilant and the mirrors which come with the scooter, personally I find useless when bumping over bad roads. Regards to all, Val.

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