Heartless and Cruel Scam with on-line sales at aeirconcentrators.com

Heartless and Cruel Scam with on-line sales at aeirconcentrators.com

It seems I have been very stupid and lost £800 to the above, as the "Poratble Oxygen Concetrator" bought and paid for on the 6th May still has not arrived.

"James Stokes" of aeirconcentrators.com emailed a response to me to say that all is well and as the units come from the US there may be some delay in receiving my order. He would send me a Tracking Number when he receives it. He also sent me an Invoice which carried no VAT and the money has been debited from my account by virtue of a Bank Transfer. The address given on the website is a residential street (google maps) and the phone number is seemingly re-routing with a delay and odd sound.

I know - how stupid can I have been to have completed this transaction without any security. Whilst his website claims to accept PayPal and debit cards he could not accept these methods of payment on this order as the costs are too high.

I have contacted Barclays Bank and gave them the details of the transaction. They informed me that they had frozen the associated account on suspicion of fraud and subsequently sent me a series of questions to complete. I have returned these and live in hope. I therefore think it highly unlikely that the purchased item will ever arrive but will keep you posted.

I have also contacted the firm of Solicitors Heather Mains And Co, at 33-35 Daws Lane (the address shown on aeirconentrators.com website) and they informed me that aeirconcentrators are using their mail address illegally.

I have also contacted both UKAS and SGS whose logos appear on the webpages illegally. They are also known to a competior at intermedical.co.uk who are aware that their own website has been copied by aeirconcentrators ltd. illegally and have run this same scam before. There website is hosted by GoDady and their domain details can be found at statscrop.com/www/aeirconce.... The Police antifraud dept has given me a crime reference number of NFRC140500636155.

So much info now that the horse has bolted. Woe is me!!. How many other respratory challenged customers have lost money from this vile, heartless and cruel scam?

Please join me in tracking down this criminal and discrediting his (company ??)

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  • That is terrible i do hope you get your money back take care

    Dorothy xx

  • there is some heartless people in the world ,ihope you can get your money back somehow.

  • Really sorry to hear about this, impartit. My initial reaction is always to do only with firms in this country but it seems you have done all you can to sort the situation.

    There are cowboys and scumbags in this country, believe me. They need to be watched. Really sorry I cant be of more practical help, impartit.

  • My heart goes out to you. We all make mistakes you know, especially when you're wanting to help a loved one or suffering yourself.

    I was hoping you had paid with a credit card where there is some protection but with a debit card there's little comeback I believe.

    It's horrible to be scammed, it's so personal, you feel robbed and foolish for trusting someone.

    Have you contacted the TV programmes Watchdog and Fake Britain?

    Thank you for posting this, you've more than likely prevented someone else falling for this scam. Only a few weeks ago there was one such scam on here too.

    Good luck to you in getting this swine.

    My daughter recently had a leaflet through the door for a tree surgeon. When she told me I said " oh no, what have you done, it'll be a scam. Probably gipsies trying it on". She told me I was horrible to say such a thing and that they had a logo on their van & proper headed paper & everything. .... Outcome: they cut down the agreed trees plus another one. She was horrified & upset they would do that and said that she wouldn't pay for that. They then turned nasty (she was 8 months pregnant), demanded the money having sent their mates or relatives to drive slowly past the house several times a day and night until she handed over a cheque for £2400 (400 more than quote). At one time she stood in their private, in made up road telling a van driver that he had no business in the road etc and they leered and slowly drove their van at her. The police were not interested.

    The scarey chap went back pretending the cheque was in his pocket insisting it would take too long, demanding a bank transfer which she did. She put her hand out for her cheque and of course he'd left it behind promising to pop back.

    Being pregnant she checked her account a few days later to see he'd cashed it so £4800 was taken in all!

    Very luckily for Anna, she'd unwittingly spelt his name wrong on the cheque so eventually the bank repaid it as they shouldn't have paid out on it.

    On investigation she found out he'd been in the tabloids as a big winner on the Lotto buying flash cars for his whole family plus his daughter had a lavish wedding on My Big Fat Gipsy wedding.

    He had copied the logo from a bonafide respected business in Sth London.

    Sadly some people are just bad. Most are good though. xxxx

  • May God have his justice on these people with no conscience. Thank you for your comments and I am so glad your daughter did not lose money.

  • Company not registered at Company House - so not british, just pretending to have british base.

    Statscrop has it listed as 4 months old with an American base and its web safety as questionable.

    What a terrible thing to happen to you. Preying on the vulnerable is despicable.

    We all need to learn from this. Check out thoroughly every company we deal with especially those who want bank details and who are offering something which appears to be 'a great deal'. Do not buy from door to door salesmen or telesales either. And don't trust logos purporting to show the company is genuine. Always check out before giving out money.

    I do hope you get your money back.

  • I found this link ....http://uk-companies-ratings.com/company.aspx?id=22068277&s=a3Ik4&n=aeirconcentratorsltd&c=london

  • Hmmm so he has changed his street address in london. And is now saying he is a uk registered limited company. A check on the very official companies house check database shows no company registered to this name.

    The address in london 88-90 Hatton Gardens is/was Hatton Gardens Safe Deposit Ltd and was up for sale in 2012 when google street view took the photo. Looks like it is a 'virtual address free and mail forwarding service'. If you google this address you find a huge number of companies that have this as their head office/mail address. It seems to be split into units so I suppose some of them will be legit.

  • Many thanks to all those who are or do respond to this posting. If I get justice I will update this forum immediately however I cannot guarantee replying to every heartfelt response. xxx Love Catherine

  • Don't worry about that. We just hope you get justice. Would the police be interested in that information fro Happyfeet above I hope so, must be a lot of other crooks using that mail forwarding service. X

  • What a terrible experience for you. I hope you get justice one day. x

  • Goodness me,that's horrible,I realy feel for you.Its terrible that these creatures,take advantage of vulnerable people.i hope karma bites them in a big way.Not that helps you now.

    I'm sorry I can't help you in any way.I do hope you get some justice along the way.Take care xx

  • On a positive note I wish to highly commend a Mr Bill Quatrill of "Omega Advanced Aeromedical" who we have met on two occasions for the supply of air concentrators. He is a very kind gentleman and goes out of his wayto help and advise.

    Cheers Bill and thanks.

  • How awful - have you contacted the fraud department of your local police? I seem to remember they have an internet fraud department? I am so sorry for you. Also trading standards. What a shame, so hope you get some money back. Take care, with love TAD xx

  • I have a crime reference number from the police and have also reported it to Trading Standards and the Citizens Advice Bureau. Thanks anyway and glad that you have read my post.

  • This guy sinks lower than a snakes belly, I hope he gets his comeuppance very soon. Its hard to believe that there are people out there who would do such things, they are evil to the core.

    I'm glad you posted this impartit so as to warn others to go careful when buying from an unknown source. Its so easy to let your guard down and it can happen to anyone. Dont beat yourself up about it, he's the bad guy!

    Tony x

  • Like others who have responded thus far - I am so glad that you have read it also.

  • Hi Impartit. I am so, so sorry about your problems. Remember the golden rule in future, always, always pay by credit card for anything over a hundred pounds. I was ripped off by a computer company some years ago but the credit card company paid up as good as gold. It took a couple of months but it saved me £580. I hope your bank manages to sort something out for you. Wishing you all the best.

    Bobby xxx

  • Please all of you who have been scammed contact your local trading standards and let them know what has happened.

  • They can be helpful but need to be able to contact the company or individual concerned. Aeircocentrators address is a virtual office and his emails and phone are ignored frequently.

  • Trading Standards can find out if this has happened to other people. They can find the individuals. It is really important that you let them know what has happened.

  • Thankyou again. I have contacted them, Citizens Advice Bureau and the Police but don't hold out much hope. Perhaps this posting will reveal others who have come into contact with Mr James Stokes and Aeir Concentrators Ltd

  • I have also found a web site called AirOneOxygen Ltd from St Johns Street and this web site is linked to AeirConcentrators with phone and email addresses

  • hmm! - it now says "The Service is unavailable" also

  • maybe having the bank account froze has sparked a response because on the 22nd may airone was still active

  • The bank must have other contact details for these criminals. I contacted GoDaddy who were hosting aeirconcentrators.com and at the time their reply was not helpful - maybe on reflection they have acted.

  • He could live anywhere in the world. And his bank account could be anywhere in the world.

  • Barclays Bank Fraud Department in Liverpool told me that they have frozen the account that I transferred the money into on the grounds of suspicious activity. Maybe they will help me and the others who may have paid out money to this guy.

  • Someone needs to catch with piece of Sh** and break his legs maybe he wouldn't be so quick to start up again. I would gladly do it myself.

  • All I can say, is shocking that people are using the less fortunate to make them money by conning them I hope they suffer.

  • so, so sorry to hear that you have been scammed - these people are the scum of the earth - hope you can get the money back and that they can be brought to justice. xx

  • Hi impartit,I'm very sorry that you've been done by an awful firm. keep all your receipts and invoices. Phone the Trading Standard at Consumer direct on Consumer Direct 08454 04 05 06. they'll tell you exactly how to proceed.

    Hope you get help soon.

  • No sign of refund but I am happy to say that website is now temporarily unavailable.

  • I have also been scammed by this company but what I would like to know is why has Barclays allowed them to have a business account when they are not registered with company house.

  • A good question. I am in communication with them and am awaiting their response having verified that my transfer was credited to the account of details:

    Aeir Concentrators Ltd

    Barclays Bank

    Account Number: 50685569

    Sort Code: 20-99-40

    Was this the account you used also.

    Barclays said today that there is a backlog in the fraud department and I should be patient for at least a month. Perhaps the account was frozen after my/your payment was made and that they can refund us directly. Citizens advice are unable to help where the address on the webpages is bogus.

    I am truly sorry that you have lost money as well.

  • yes this was the same account and sort code that was sent to me and I have also posted that a web site called AirOne Oxygen Ltd is linked to Aeirconcentrators with phone and email addresses

  • What toe-rags these people are having two websites to snare those of us with breathing problems. They should be sent footage of my wife at her worst despite nebulisers, steroids, inhalers and an oxygen pipe attached to her face 24/7. I sent them money by "BANK TRANSFER" fool that I am but my judgement was clouded by an attempt to alleviate her suffering and improve her quality of life a little.

  • I am delighted to say the due to completing a report to Action Fraud and receiving a crime reference number they have taken down the websites of aeirconcentrators.com. At least that little avenue of marketig has been closed off to these criminals.

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