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Does anyone have problems with replies to questions and posts getting to their inbox?

I have responded to a number of questions and posts today but do not always get the reply. I only stumble across the fact that someone has answered me when I look again at the question, and then I find a reply. I have not been notified that there has been a reply. Is this happening to anyone else. My apologies to anyone who I have not answered back, but I haven't know about your reply.

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Huggs go into your name at the top of the screen then click account. You can change your settings in there. x

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Just to let you know that all my emails have come through at the one time, so I have them now. Thank goodness. Take care. hugs xxx


Thanks coughalot,

I have already done that to make sure I had not changed any of my settings and I haven't. I only found your reply by going through "my activity". Yet qbjb responded around the same time and his response came to my inbox. It appears that some are getting through and some are not. The only sure way of checking is going through my activity. Its strange that no one else is having the same problem, which would obviously lead to the conclusion that I have done something to change my settings, but I haven't . If I had I would not be getting any emails through at all. It must be another glitch, remember the other day when all the avatars disappeared. I wonder if its something to do with the new layout of the site. Thanks again for responding. Take care and goodnight. hugs xxx


I had some problems logging in as my browser wouldn't connect with healthunlocked browser ( I had to write to an admin who suggested I changed my password. I couldn't do tht either as my previous password kept being rejected! Eventually the admin sent me a link to change my password and at last, I could change it. I also undid how I received my emails went off it, restarted the computer and went back into the site into my profile and redid my settings for receiving emails. so far, this has worked. That's what you might have to do. Computer links have to be reset sometimes, for no other reason that the internet isn't as stable as it should! I hope this helps. do get in touch with admin if the problem keeps recurring, they are very kind in here. Click Help and click on I have a technical problem, and send them a message in contact us.

Hope you get an uneventful experience with us. I nearly went off the site, but the admin really helped. So I'm glad i can read your messages Huggs!


Hi Mick, nice to hear from you. Thanks for all your advice which I will store for the future. All of a sudden last night all the missing emails came through at once, so problem was solved. I have no clue what caused it or what happened to rectify the problem because it certainly wasn't something I did. The information you have provided me with is useful in case it happens again. You seem to know a lot about computers Mick, so have you used one for years? Have you started that short story yet? If not, why not? hee hee hee only joking! Hope you are doing ok and behaving yourself! Take care. hugs xxx


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