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I just thought I would let you know how things progressed after my last post about anxiety. I made the call to the anxiety nurse and asked for a referral - still waiting for a call back but having said that he is just one nurse for this area and is probably pretty busy! (Will give him another week before I start to pester him!) The doctors appointment was on Tuesday - blood pressure still higher than it should be but at least these tablets seem to be well tolerated by my husband so that dosage has increased now on - LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 50mg tabs.

Discussed the anxiety issues to which the Doctor said it is very common with COPD patients and has prescribed CITALOPRAM 10mg tablets one a day. Apparently they take about 3/4 weeks to work and although not addictive she recommends he stays on them for at least six month. Pleased about this - it took a long time for my husband to recognise this was a problem but the Doctor was lovely.

Also asked for a referral to the sleep clinic - not every night but some nights I can hardly get any sleep with his snoring but more worrying is that he wakes up suddenly once or twice a night gasping for air. Just want to rule out or rule in sleep apnea.

This post is really to say if any of you are worried or concerned about your health - go to the Doctor and ask. It has taken my husband a long time (about 50 years!) to do this. But it was all very painless and hopefully we have solutions!

Wishing you all the very best - try to stay active and breath easy! With much love, TAD xx

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Good news Tad. Very pleased for you that hubby is accepting, a weight off you I bet.

I wish I understood this anxiety thing. I was never an anxious person but now get stressed & anx very easily. I mourn my old confident relaxed self who could cope with anything & everything - as I'm sure do many people with lung issues.

Have a lovely day, it's bright & lovely down here in London at the moment. xxxx P

Positive news. Anxiety seems to be par for the course so any help is good. I hope all goes well. xx

Anxiety has long been recognised as a common symptom of COPD. Strangely enough, although I am now rated as very severe it has never been a problem for me. I have never had depression either although I do get mild claustrophobia. This disease can hit us in so many different ways. I am glad hubby is getting sorted out Tad and I am especially pleased for you.

Love from Bobby xxxx

newlands in reply to phillips1

Hi Bobby same as you never had depression ,have lonely days ,sad days, unhappy days so guess i am lucky not to have depression as the days when i am lonely, sad,or unhappy only last a few hrs except when my husband died and i went through the grieving process .take care



So happy to hear that Tad,what a relief for you! Better late than never! I think your hubby hit gold with you,you are such a caring person,do hope he appreciates it! I'm sure he does.

Look after yourself too! Hugs love Wendells xxx


That's such good news TADAW. Fellas are notoriously bad at asking for help aren't they? Well done for getting him to see sense x

Hi Tadaw very good news all round,so glad your hubby is accepting the need to ask for a little extra help in whatever direction that might be.Have to say the citalopram work well for me and my panic attacks I still get them but nowhere near as much thankfully,cant take a higher dose cos im also on Amitriptyline which is not a good mix for the body apparently dont want to stop either have been on Amitriptyline for 30yrs or more now,so looking at options for me now?

My father never used to go to the doctors was terrified which was so strange as he was such a strong determined character in everyway and didnt seemed scared of anything only doctors,dentists and illness couldnt face it bless him.so I do get your husband at least hes trying now,hope his new meds work out for him.This hopefully will help you too Tadaw and lessen your worry with his anxiousness.All positive stuff though keep well the pair of you :) Janexx

I'm glad your hubby went to drs and has something now for the anxiety. I know I waited to long myself before I went and get annoyed now when I think of the needless suffering I put myself through. Hope the meds work quickly for him and he gets back to himself. He's so lucky to have you taking care of him.

Hi Tad ,great to hear your positive news,us boys are a pain in the bum are,nt we.Your hubby may not be lucky health wise but he sure is partner wise but take care of yourself too won,t you.All the best to you both.D.

Oh TAD, so devastating not to sleep. I think you're right, the sort of waking up suddenly might well be an indication of sleep apnea. Snoring may be caused by some block too!

I had Citalopram and din't like it! But I had Mertazapin when my wife was hospitalised and I was infected and in hospital and crying because of all this. A sympathetic psychiatrist saw me and prescribed this Mertazapine 15 mg. She told me it would help me sleep, make me hungry and also deal with my anxiety. It was not addictive. she recommended that I took this for one year and a half. I took it for two years. asked my GP how I came off it, She just said, just take less of it! I tapered it bu cutting the tablet in half, so that I cold take half doses. I t was really fine with me.

I hope your dear hubby and you get better. Big hug and so good to hear you hear, you give good advice :)

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