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Anyone With Bronchiectesis And Copd

Hi yep am just looking for information .. on bronchiectesis and copd as that is what my doc says am suffering from.

O ye and hyperventalation syndrone .. my doc thinks thats strees but i think its my lung problems.

Its all very confusing as one doc at my gp's practice said my lungs are totally destroyed trashed threw drink and drugs.

Yet when i seen other he said its mild ... confusing or what then we have dwp taking full advantage.

If your suffering bronchiectesis and copd and hyperventaltion syndrome and past six months you have had nine epersods requiring various antibiotics steriods dose that sound mild and would that be good indecation of stage of my diease.

I would not be asking but my lung doc says get third partys to write and my gp well he says see my lung doc .

But as we all know most dont bother and take full advantage

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Until you have been to the chest clinic and have had all the various tests, including an x ray your GP cannot give you a true diagnoses.


Hi cheers yer had xrays ct scans and under lung doc ... just wont tell me anything

You are having a bad time and still it continues. What about the helpline? Take care, stay positive TAD xx

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Hi tadaw cheers yer is a idea .. might drop them a line when av finished doing my head in :)

I know what you mean DAZ...

I have Bronchiectasis , emphysema , scarred lung.. and they tell me nothing.

In fact the hospital are even slow to inform my GP as to what is going on.

Just take care of yourself and toddling the path Daz but just as important... ask questions.

Hi tomc cheers yer i think its from complainte a made about my x gp trying to kill me ... dont think thay want to confirm how bad a really am

Hi Daz, I have bronchiecstasis and COPD with a touch of asthma. My Respiratory Consultants at Papworth and the West Suffolk Hospital are brilliant, I try not to see my doctor with any chest problems I just ring the Papworth Helpline, I haven't tried the BLF Helpline yet but I hear very good reports on it. You must see a Consultant and have x-rays and possibly a CT scan and blood tests together with spirometry readings in order that you are prescribed the correct medications. You giving up smoking and drugs means that you are on the way to a better life. Good luck and Take Care Lizzy.

Hi Daz

I've had Bronchiectasis all of my life. When I was a child, they didn't understand the disease as well as they do now and told my mother "She'll never make old bones!" Well, I'm 72 years old and still going strong, so don't let this frighten you. Yes, it's what I call a "nuisance" disease because it's prevents me from doing things and I do have a persistent cough most of the time. The thing that you have to be aware of are infections and pleurisy which can happen from tome to time. These can be controlled with antibiotics, but do leave you feeling debilitated for a while. In the area where I live (South coast) this is acknowledged as COPD and treated as such. I have never had any trouble getting to see my GP or a specialist or having treatment of any kind. I always have a standby supply of antibiotics in case an infection starts to occur. I have never found inhalers to be of much benefit, but have just sent for the latest gadget - Aerosure Medic - to see if that will help? By the way, they're much cheaper on Ebay if anyone's interested!? I shall post my results on here in due course. If you want anymore info' Daz just ask, I reckon I've just about had anything and everything during my time, including cancer - twice! Hope this helps, good luck?!

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Aerosure Medic is a no no for me according to the do not use list if you have had a collapsed lung and or tachycardia. :(

Sorry to hear that Offcut. Luckily, a collapsed lung and tachycardia are 2 things I thankfully haven't had. I do know about the list for this and I have spoken to my GP about it before I decided to buy it. Take care.

Hi Daz as you know I have COPD diagnosed 10 years ago as mild now severe level 4 I was giving a breathing test at my GP's that is how I was diagnosed good luck mate sometimes all you need is that label so that you can get the treatment and get your head around the condition.

Same thing

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