Been at it again ..well am £20 lighter via requsting GP's famous or infaness letter

Been at it again ..well am £20 lighter via requsting GP's famous or infaness letter

Yep seen my GP about my condition .. and had quite a chat about DWP atos and help getting my blue badge given pip award.

1st i did not get mobilaty componant of pip as i could walk or crawl round dowstairs of my house 2nd i only was awarded modarate care componant as clearly i have few issues " as am sure some will agree" :)

Anyway yep went doc's for a letter to help get a blue badge as i feel there is a huge difrance in walking round my home and venturing out.

Well at my GP's it was quite a shock and awe session AS my gp said i only have bronchitiasas and hyperventalation syndrome :O

Whitch i pointed out to be highly incorrect " where as my data gone "

But i know its been lost in India and pakistan as that is where a lot of nhs xrays notes are typed up or put onto the systetm.

Anyway totaly feel sorry for them given times i have been at GP's with my conditions :p

So i asked my gp what about my inverted sliped disk at my L5 i was at hospital for month ago and what about my emphysema and bullea and stomach pain i had results of Lung Xray i had month ago and GP said is caused by my lungs and emphysema and infection.

Like really then he said can't thay write to me .. i said no thay dont bother theses days thay just refuse then you have to appeal hoping we will drop dead in mean time.

Well he said he cant list serverty of my condition in any letter as i would have to see a occupational therapist LIKE really.

So then he asked me if i still wanted letter :O

I said yep and i want my condions listing and infection rate and treatment.

Recived my letter .. Is quite average by school teacher marking standards :)

It says i have bronchiectasis and copd and in last six months i have had regular visits to gp regarding infection's and my condition.

In las six months i have had 9 epersods requring antiobiitics treatment.

Its also states i have hyperventaltion syndrome and currantly under the hospital and I also suffer lower back pain i receive treatment for.

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  • Well Daz it sounds like you are on the red tape round again. I agree with you there's a big difference between walking round home and getting out and about to other places. But I also agree with the GP the severity is better judged by OT as they are used to assessing for help at home. The council who issue the blue badge can assess you with the doctors letter to back up, if you were getting mobility PIP it would be easier. I read somewhere that hospitals can only help with mobility issues within the home nowadays, you have my sympathy as the regulations are getting tougher and tougher in all areas not least disability. Good Luck with the badge.

  • Hi katieoxo60 cheers yer its first i heard of OT asked doc he best make me appontmeant to see one then.

    Yer i did previous post and letter council sent back was all about disability LIKE really a debilitating illness as just as bad SO am guna have to put them straight on few things even my pip letter said i would struggle getting out and thay never even got in touch with my doctor b4 thay refused.

    Its a pain writing all these leters becouse thay dont do theres.

  • Hi Daz

    firstly love the cartoon so true.

    I never understand why they never look at your notes when you are there? The amount of times I have seen another gp to have them check my lungs and I have to tell them of the paralyzed diaphragm as they look for the noise that should be there when I breath if my lungs were there! it seems the more I read on here it is getting so hard to have a blue badge now. I would be in real trouble without mine.

    Keep up the fight Daz it will all fall into place one day.

  • Hi ofcuts yep a told my doc he needs to find me shit .. you would not believe crap atos come out with on my pip thing .. Anyway yep was going to ask as we have condition where are stomach musicale stop working thus cant breath and genraly rot away why cant thay use muscials from our backs to help us breath

  • Found this which is good at explaining the difference to COPD and RLD.

    This one is how we breath or maybe how we should breath ;)

  • We are lucky in our area if you have COPD or a disability and you don't claim benefits they will let you have a blue badge but you get one automatically if you claim benefit

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