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Atos loses medical assessment


Can anyone tell me where to go for some advise have just had a phone call from atos regarding the loss of my medical assessment

They said their IT system has not stored my information and they cannot upload it to dwp is this data protection related they have said I have to attend another assessment before a decision is made is this correct procedure or should I complain?

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A think that is correct .. Could get intouch with MP and ask them to find out where your details have gone if atos have lost them then it job for information commisioner breaches of data protection act by ever dwp or atos.

Jackie3936 in reply to Hidden

Thank you I think I will ask my local mp

Hi Jackie 3936

I would speak to the citizens advice they will tell you how to draft out a letter what to put too ,

Hope you get it sorted

I agree with Paperman,first stop citizens advice.They deal with a lot of these cases and I found them very helpful,they will tell you best stage at which to involve your MP.The best of luck Jackie.D.

You have not mentioned what your assessment was for ESA, DLA, PIP?

When they did your assessment was it on a form and then transferred to a PC/Tablet. I would also be concerned that they do not have your paperwork unless they have a policy of destroying the paper trail. Also have they lost the paperwork that you sent to the DWP if so why don't the DWP have records?

It would be hard not to have another assessment as that is the only way that it will be concluded. However what are ATOS going to do for you in making sure that you are not going to reach DWP time constraints on your claim. IE: 365 days expiry. Appeal procedures etc. I would ask ATOS for guarantees that this will not affect your claim and any money that should be paid will be from the dates that they did the first assessment because it was though their inefficiencies you have to be re-assessed. Plus confirmation from DWP that will be the case.

I would also suggest that you get your MP and CAB onto this as I am sure you are not the only one this has happened to.

I hope it comes to a prompt end.

This does not surprise me in the least if they have lost your medical records sent in to back up your claim then go to your GP and ask for a list of conditions along with medication you take and send it in recorded delivery.

I put in a claim for ESA June 13 I have contacted my MP but because it was his party that set up Atos and gave them the right to treat people like us as they like I did not get any joy from my MP but I do wish you all the very best.

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