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Can anyone tell me where to go for some adviseMe I have just had a phone call from atos regarding the loss of my medical assessment

They said their IT system has not stored my information and they cannot upload it to dwp is this data protection related they have said I have to attend another assessment before a decision is made is this correct procedure or should I complain?

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Can I suggest that you ring the help line - click on the red balloon. Also write to your MP.


They are correct they can make you wait again, and yes this is a data protection matter. ATOS and DWP tell lies so the very first thing to do is issue a SAR (subject access request) to DWP. They will be then legally bound to send you everything they have on you - including reports from third parties -both paper and computer. You may find they find your assessment report. You didn't say what your assessment was for but in these cases it doesn't matter - it's a serious matter losing what can be termed as medical records and after you've done the SAR, complain to your MP, ATOS and the DWP.

I've been through and had my decision for PIP and DWP lied to me on 2 occasions but I record everything I do with DWP and ATOS so have records.


Jackie 3936

Which part of the medical assessment did they loose? If it is the original PIP form then do you have a copy or could you fill in the form again? If it is the reports from the doctor or specialist then contact their secretaries who might have a copy. If it is the results of your interview with ATOS then ask for a repeat interview a.s.a.p. Yes ATOS and DWP are at fault but if you put the responsibility on them then it will only delay the process. I found once I started getting proactive then things started to happen. Good luck.




Ifistly thankyou all for advice I have just sent atos a email to formally complain and has asked for everything to be put in writing see what comes back also how do I do sar pls and thanks again


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