PIP "nonsense"

I received a letter today from the Department of Work and Pensions telling me they have not yet received my returned Pip claim form and telling me to hurry up with it as the last date for them to deal with it is the 25th of May.This is 5 days AFTER I received a letter from ATOS confirming that the DWP had passed my claim to them.This I think goes a fair distance to explain the ridiculous long time our claims take to be processed.It is shocking inefficiency and those responsible should be sacked.This is our lives they,re bollocking about with.There is steam currently escaping through my ears I,m so angry because I know there are people a lot worse off financially than I am who really are desperate for this help!

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  • I know just how you feel,, i put my pip forms in last September, and heard nothing,,phoned up many depts and it turned out DWP had not even sent them on to ATOS,, So was promised they would be sent as a urgent priority,,which basically means nothing,,

  • Did you keep copies of your form? If so get an appointment at DWP/JSA for them to fax them over to the correct department. You will have a receipt for that and they cannot say they have not had them on time. I had this a number of times were they said they had not got the forms so I sent them by recorded delivery. and once I quoted the delivery number and the fact how it was sent it was found in the system within seconds. Get your MP on it but you need to act quickly.

    I hope it goes well.

  • I think it is time that Atos were given the boot and why not employ retired GP's hospital Doctors to do the medicals for the DWP at least they can read medical records and understand what COPD is dddddddddddddddd its a pity the party who gave them the contract did not think of this it's not rocket science I hope you get it sorted soon are you being transferred from DLA to PIP.

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