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What can we expect on our first appointment with the transplant team?

Hi this is the first time I have posted anything! My husband has Pulmonary Fibrosis caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is on 3 litres of oxygen per minute 24/7 and can hardly do anything without getting very breathless. We have received an appointment to see the transplant team at Withenshaw hospital in June. Has anybody been through this and can tell us what to expect on this and subsequent visits. Thanks

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Welcome tpladygolfer! I'm afraid I have no knowledge of this,but I'm sure one of our lovely peeps,will pop up,& be more knowledgable than I! Wishing you both a succesful journey,on the transplant quest! Love Wendells xx


I expect your first appointment will be to meet with a consultant and then you will be monitored. You may then get taken in for an assessment (some can last about 3 days). They check your heart and bones etc and for other diseases. if you check out T has been through it and documented it. its very interesting. Good luck. I haven't been through the 3 day bit but have had a number of tests already.


Hello and welcome to the forum tpladygolfer. I can't help with your question but can you keep us informed. ?

It may also help others who ask the same question.

Thanks and good luck.


If you type " transplant " in the search box, something may turn up that may help.


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