No question - just a happy statement. Don't ride anymore due to COPD, had it 15 years now. DO WE HAVE A TRIPLE CROWN winner?

I live in Maryland and rode the best part of my life. COPD changes our lives so much. I tell everyone (kids) that to think about the things they love to do and will not be able to once this gets bad. I could almost smell the barn, horses. Miss them terrible... So all we can do is to tell the youngster to "Don't Smoke" or you will be just like me.

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  • Me too Salis; sadly not able to have a horse of my own but grew up in a rural situation and have been riding horses since being a little girl. The last time was in 2000. I love the smell of their coat, the sweet smell of hay, the stables and everything. Most people would think we're potty I guess...but who cares, eh! Lovelight x

  • Your right. Folks think I'm nuts when I say I miss the wonderful smell of a horse. thanks for your reply. Have a good week.

  • I didn't used to ride but mucked out stables for 14 years. It is an earthy smell and I also miss it.

  • I had horses all my life ..... including a retired race horse called Silver Age who was actually bred in Maryland

    Sadly we don't have horses here now .... too much hard work, so it's all sheep now ... & they're not even ours. My daughter still has our favorite pony in livery near to where she lives, but it's not the same.

    I can still smell the horses in the stables & yard...... & that unique putrid smell of horse wee on my old mucking-out coats.

    Gad I miss it .........

  • I'm told I have only 26% function, but still want to try riding again, perhaps at Riding for the Disabled? The main concern is the osteoporosis which, so far anyway, has stopped me booking. Not like having freedom to ride your own horse, but to have that smell...and once up there, with small o2 cylinder, I like to think I might manage just fine! X

  • Oh, that's a point...I was diagnosed last year with osteoporosis also. But if given the chance of getting on a horse it would be hard to say no....

  • Yes, I've never broken a bone but daresay it would be highly unpleasant and perhaps have long term effects, but........! X

  • had mine 16 ....sorry to nik ya crown :)

  • I have my lovely ex race horse mare Miss Ellie and hubbys ex racer Jack they keep me sane and even when im not able to ride due to infection or my rheumy its their company i couldnt live without. Luckily im back in saddle again and enjoying every minute . For those of you who want to ride but are poorly definitely get in touch with your loval RDA they do fab job and try to help anyone with disability get involved with horses go for it life is for living and the enjoyment by far outways the bad plus horses tune in and just know my girl lets me slide off her and stands like a rock . I couldnt be without her xxx

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