Terrific weather, Terrific day :)

Terrific weather, Terrific day  :)

We decided 1 1/2 hours in the car on such a lovely day was enough so we stopped at Weston Super Mare and didn't feel the need to make it to the south coast.

The only problem with Weston is you rarely see the sea and when the tide is out its out out if you know what I mean.

They've spent a lot of money on the sea front and new pier so Weston is a good place to go now especially when the sun is shinning. We were spoiled for choice with places to sit outside for a pint and a snack where we could watch the world go by and relax. Its also very flat and easier going for those of us who find hills a challenge so all in all it was a great day out, I had two beers, two ice cream cones (doubles), too much sun Oucha !! not enough sun block used as usual and we walked a fair distance so I even got my exercise.

It was a little disappointing to see they charge to walk on the pier now and it showed as it was quite empty when it would normally be bursting at the seams, the short sighted idiots trying to make more cash by charging to get on the pier have only succeeded in keeping them off and spending their money elsewhere. Serves them right for being greedy eh'

Well the sun is still shinning and I hope your all loving it like I am, its no secret that a bit of sun is good for BLF Healthunlockeders ain't it.

Tony :)

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  • Hiya Tony have just been bobbing along to your link at the table,my boys said id gone blimming barmy!Well thats ok I really enjoyed my lickle dance sitting at the table Im quite good haha!

    Sounds like you've had a great day out there love your picture,I just love the sea can get quite lost with my thoughts sitting and enjoying the site of the water when its peaceful or in a rage.Yes arnt they stupid greed never succeeds.Happy days Tony you wont need much rocking tonight me thinks zzzz :) Janexx

  • What a lovely picture Tony. Weston is great and have been there a few times myself and I love the shops too. The tide is notorious for going out a long way and it always makes me laugh. xx

  • So glad you all had a lovely day,young Tony!

    Hope people don't go on the pier,& upset the people,that put a price on it,how ridiculous,the world is going mad!

    It is lovely looking at the sea,very relaxing.

    Meant to ask before,is the btm,all better now! Do hope so xxx

  • Hi there. I'm glad you had a good day. It lifts our spirits when we have good days doesn't it, and especially when the sun is shining. When my family were all young children we used to go to Weston-Super-Mare every year for our weeks holiday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like home from home. Now they are all grown up and I have grandchildren they often go to Weston for the day and say it brings back happy memories.

    I wish you all the best, and many more good days.

  • sounds like a great day, I did wonder when they announced on local news that the were going to charge to go on the pier how it would affect it, now I know, they will lose even more money now as £1 per person is expensive for a family. We enjoy going to Weston as well, as you say nice and flat for a walk. Have a good weekend.

  • People using the pier are the cause of the maintenance charges....no one walks on the boards, the boards don't wear out. If you want to use the facilities you must expect to pay...you can't expect the good people of Weston to pay extra council tax to maintain a pier that no longer belongs to the council. So who pays for running repairs, maintenance etc. It the National Trust had bought it it would be nothing less than £10 for a wander on it.

  • Its a good point you make CB but people are not going on and paying, everybody is losing and the pier will only get into dept and then what will happen.

    No pier and no reason to come to Weston.

    The pier has always been a center point at Weston and free to walk on to spend lots of money on the amusements etc, I always left lighter in pocket than when I walked on. This time I only spent £1 to get on and nothing on the amusements and it was very obvious to me that I wasn't alone in doing that. There was no holiday atmosphere and it won't survive for long if things stay the same. Go and check it out for yourself and you will understand.

  • Until these people took it on and rebuilt it, there was no pier....just te remains of a burnt out wreck.

  • Great Pier but now there's no people so somethings gone wrong, I wonder what?

  • It's mud

  • I don't suppose the people that spent all those thousand of pounds reclaiming and rebuilding the pier, did it for charity. They would most probably do so in the hope of reclaiming some of their hard earned cash by charging folk to walk along it. One thing I do know...the yobs don't pay to walk along it so it is a really pleasant and relaxed walk and with no time limit....go for an hour or the day, same charge. No vandalism either and it's flat.

  • The problem was CB the sea front was heaving and yet the pier was empty so it isn't working. People were obviously not willing to pay just to go on, the amusements were quiet, the bar was closed, and the surrounding seats were all empty. The pier was always buzzing with people having fun and now its a ghost town and must surely be losing huge amounts of money.

    The investors will have to think again , they were even employing a person to watch the automatic gates just incase people jumped over them?

    I agree no vandalism and yobs but I don't think it'll be to long before the gates are opened again as the people are voting with their feet.

  • I thought pier owners made their money by renting out various areas to amusement arcades, cafés, bars, etc. Almost everybody who goes on a pier is going to be tempted to spend money! Isn't that how it works for all concerned?

  • Day trippers used to be called the "T & P" brigade...one cup of tea, two trips to the toilet and gone.

  • What a pity ...

  • How have they survived all these years then CB? .

  • Its worked like that for years but people are not happy with the change and in the end that will decide the future of the pier.

  • Sounds like you had a good day yesterday Tony. Weston is brilliant for those of us less able as you say. But the tide is like at Southport goes way out. In Southport it.s a standing joke find the sea if you can???? I have a picture in my album showing how far out the sea is at low tide. It's a shame about the charge at Weston, piers bring in other revenue so should not be so short-sighted about charging at the entrance. Enjoy the sun and your days out while you can.

  • Love pic and ELO - got my oxygen level up from singing and bouncing around!! Strange - it usually drops from activity ... hmmm, thinks, more music in my life ...

    Thanks Tony!


  • They did something very strange where I live (by the seaside) and actually reduced prices! The big wheel went down by £4 and the ferry rides by 2 3rds because they were so expensive people weren't using them. Now they are a lot busier and making money :d

    If more businesses learnt this (am thinking of the railways especially) instead of always increasing prices everyone would be a lot better off! xx

  • we were there on Thursday ....... parked down on the beach for the day. Managed to get up to Jill Dando's memorial gardens on the scooter .... lovely spot. Also managed to see the sand sculptures.

    But I know exactly what you mean about the pier - we gave it a miss.

    I noticed far more wine'os than I'd seen before ...... shame.

  • Hi Tony. You weren't far from where I was yesterday. If Mike had been here we would have been in Weston having lunch. I was at Cheddar car boot. It is a massive one. I parked the car up and had a job to walk through all the people. There were that many. I met two of my Sons there and three of my Grandsons. We all went in for breakfast. I was pleased to hear you haven't got IPF. Does that mean they can treat what you do have or do you still need a lung transplant. X

  • Hi Mavis, its good to hear from you and see your getting out and about with the family. Its a good thing that the rheumatoid consultant has given my condition a diagnosis. This does seem to change from time to time though with different consultants. This one specialises in connective tissue disorders so I hope he should be right but I seem a pretty complicated case.

    My treatment stays the same and the advice is that I remain on the transplant list which I should be back on soon after my next visit to Birmingham QE early next month.

    I've been to cheddar gorge on many occasions over the years and the car boot sounds pretty good. I quite enjoy mooching around and you never know what your going to see, you can get some real bargains. With all the things we have collected over the years we should turn seller not buyer so the loft and garage could be emptied and put to better use. One Day!!!

    I enjoyed my day down in Weston and will no doubt return again soon when the weather is good.

    Tony x

  • Hi Tony. Yes! Cheddar Gorge in itself is a marvel. We didn't go near there yesterday. The car boot was on the way in to Cheddar. It is a huge one in the summer. If you are ever down again on a Sunday morning you would love it. I imagine you would come off of the motorway into Cheddar. If you do then go right through and just outside. It should be clearly marked. Go towards Wells. Not up over the Gorge. You will probably see a lot of cars coming out or going in. I went to Weston on my own last week to have a look around. There were too many thoughts running round my head. I won't go again unless it is with someone. Maybe it's too early to do things like that. I bet you wish they would sort themselves out and find out for sure what is wrong with you. Hope they do that soon. Mavis. X

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