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Beautiful day n I'm a grouch!

I am so angry ,its been such a lovely day and my breathing has been down and I have spent most of the day on nebs and oxygen!Has anyone else been suffering?We wait for the good weather to come and then you get some idiot like me complain lol have found the air quite muggy today,and have had to double up on meds because my breathing became quite labored at one point..Still I have managed to stay out of casualty..Hope your all enjoying the sun and feeling as well as can be..xx

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Hi porche what a shame on such a lovely day. I saw the sun this morning, did my exercises with ease, felt on top of the world then it was downhill from there. Not health wise but people wise. Now I will join you in being a grouch.

lol people you can shut the door on...Keep exercising and think of number one, Your not well,and grouch to me all you want bless x

I had an early neb this morning as well, which is very unusual for me. I've been a bit breathy all day. I just get on with th9ngs, though, and try to ignore the damn thing ! :)

My breathing has been down all day,think thats why I am heading for early night..Used up all my reserves! I really push myself not to let it get at me ,but it seems to win when I got no puff left! I have pushed myself all day,but I am beat lol..Take care x

Hi sweatheart. X doesnt this ill ness make you mad with the world !!!i bget so cross and angry with everyone and everything. Funily when its nice i get more angry because you think everyone is having good time buut you , bit like at christmas i dont like that and turn into scrooge. !! I think when the weather is cold and wet i can think ....well everyone else is miserable too. !!!! Or am i just one mixed up lady. ! I hope you feel bit better soon. .my thoughts are with you ..excuse spelling but i having my neb too and doing 2 things at once when its bloody hot make me mad !!!! Lots of love. Sue. X

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Hi Sue,My nickname for years was smiler,think its grouch now.Your right life can be a bitch at times and I know exactly where your coming from,,Your not mixed up lady hun,just think lifes unfair thats all.When you cant breathe and depressed you start thinking all sorts..thanks for the kind words take care and keep smiling Laura xx

Hi again yes ,life can be very unfair .same as you say you start thinking all sorts when you see all the drunks non workers and druggies and you think ,bet they can breathe. Now you started me off !!!! Then sometimes you feel guilty for thinking that. Mind you that dont last long. ! Did i see that you live in Taunton ? We live in staffordshire. But i got a cousin who lives near Taunton ,and my grandson did a. Cricket tournament in Taunton last year. He was there a week and enjoyed it a lot Hes only 14 but playes for Staffordshire ,so hes all over the place. Barbados next year. ! We try and follow him as much as possable depending how i am. Thats another thing to make me angry !! Anyway hope yiou bit better come mornin nite n bless. Sue. X

Yea makes my blood boil sometimes,but who knows what the future holds for them! I used to live in Stogumber they have a cricket ground there,and I now live in Crowcombe just up the next village and we have a cricket ground here.....Staffordshire a lovely place to live..I am welsh and moved to Somerset about 15yrs ago,Love it here.. Take care and keep smiling Laura x

How are you feeling now ? Is your breathing any easier ? I say to bill if my breathing was ok i cope with all the other things ....side effects from steroids etc ..but hey ho thats the way it is for us ! We,ve been to a lake not fad from us in the moorlands. Only went cos felt hubby needed time out you feel guilty dont you !we gott parking spot right by edge of lake took flask of tea and crisp butties. And watched healthy people running about. !Felt like tripping some of them up but then thought better of it.!!! Back home now having nebs etc and going have a lie down . I thohught about you while we were out and was telling. Bill abt you. . He said he wouldnt know wat was worse being struck down suddenly like you and having to cope with the shock or having it 60 years like me and not really knowing any different ? Good job we no all same and can help occasionally. Take care and god bless. Sue. XX

Well I had a lovely day, sat reading in the garden. My breathing is always better in the summer.

I have always been a sun worshipper and would follow the last bit of rays in the garden..I am struggling with it now..Good on you Toci,enjoy the next few sunny days..Laura x

What a b..... shame! Don't blame you for feeling grouchy!

Hope today will be better for you! xxx

Aww Thanks Wenells,sat on nebs at present after eating too much cheese n pot pie (my own fault may I add) My boyfriend made it and it was delish!! Now I can't breathe or move for next hour lol..xxxx

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Morning you aren't a grouch I also look forward to the nice weather. Then blummin can't breathe as soon as it comes, nights and mornings are always worst for me now it's nights mornings and afternoons lol keep smiling

Aww Victoria,its a horrible place to be hunny..I hate the damn disease think I would rather be in pain than this..I am getting worse by the day..My breathing is so down sometimes I wonder if its worth it, and hopefully this op will give me some or just a little bit of my quality of life back..Her's hoping..Take care sweetheart and hope the weather is being kind to you xxx

Hiya Porche I know where your coming from,although my breathing can be as bad in the summer as in the winter and I do dread a heat wave now,I just find summer mentally better than the dreary damp coldness of the winter months.Dont be harsh on yourself there are loads of us that have probs this time of year,so many bits floating about in the air I find, warm to hot air doesnt feel like proper fresh air some how,does that sound chinese lol? :) Janexx

Yea I know,We are all in the same boat,some worse than others and the ones that are not as bad as us will progress to this stage sometime..Summer good for the serotonin to give us that "good mood" feeling and I love summer,just wish I could breathe to enjoy it..I have got to the stage where my breathing is low constant so it makes you feel yuk!

I am carrying a lot of fluid around tum and ankles..Taken water pills but they dont seem to be working for some reason , must be the heat..I know what you mean about the air quality ,chinese lol you are funny..Thanks for msg good to hear from you ..Take care xx

You are allowed to be a grouch!! Let's hope tomorrow is better for you lots of love TAD xx

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Hows you? Do you have a little moan as well lol.?Not too bad today ,breathing down but I am happy the sun is shining xxxx

I hope your operation is not to long away,I'm sure you will feel better and enjoy some of the summer sun,and breath abit better,thinking of you,stay happy life is worth it.

Aww thanks sweetie,I cheekily e.mailed Royal Brompton to see when I can have my op, but they haven't replied ...I done it out of desperation as I am suffering with this breathlessness..I hope your as well as can be xxxx

Hi there. How are you feeling today. ? I really hope you arent struggeling as much. Awfull disease to deal with and combinaions of effects of drugs etc you still angry and fed up ..dont feel guilty about it !!we all entitled to feel like that at times. ! Glad to see you chaceing up Brompton keep on at them. I,m allways chacing up appointments and trsatments. Makes you feel you aren't forgotten and then you wont,ll have a date then new life . Good luck ..let us know how you get on .nite n bless sue. XX

Hiya Sue,bad day yesterday ,think I overdosed on nebs I was like a alki with the shakes..I slept well due to being absolutely worn out,trying to keep my breathing up yesterday..II will keep you informed about op..How are you?Are you coping ok?

As for Bromton.think I am on the bottom of the list lol..My respitory nurse phoned for me to attend physio Tuesday,(whats that about lol) Perhaps they are preparing me or pretending to do something lol....Take care Laura xxxx

Glad you slept better Laura. I,m not too bad thanks spent yesterday giving instructions to hubby about what needs doing in garden. .Gave up when he started to get grumpy as well had huge bowl of clotted cream ice cream ..yummy. . Going to take our dog to vets this afternoon she struggeling with arthritis. ,nurse coming tomorrow morning. Then going to my mums tomorro afternoon its her 96 birthday. She fighting fit and will be doing tea for us and baking away. !!!!As for physio .....i sometimes physio,s are made up of people who are fighting fit. . I suppose if you are at bottom or list might be not too bad if ther only one infront of you. ! Like when you hanging on phone and they tell you how maney people infront of you. !!!! On serious side Goodluck and god bless ...hope today a better one. Sue. X

Hiya Sue,Missed your msg somehow..clotted cream ice cream yummy!!I have been eating dates and figs lol,You can guess why..Bliming Morphine has that effect lol...Aww what dog you got? I have a westie ,I rescued him some 13 years ago ,think he will out live me lol..

Happy Birthday to your mum 96 wow..

My friend is coming to hospital with me,she will be on the prowl for a wheelchair,as I cant walk far..I hope your feeling as well as can be and hope life treating you kind..I am sat under my fan at the moment,its either muggy or I am having a tropical flush lol.Another thing to add to my ailments lol.Take care sweetie god bless and keep smiling Laura xxxxx

Thought i was only person awake ! Just had cuppa tea and getting down in bit . I watched that Happy Vally with Sarah Lancashire its really good but bit grusome. Felt worn out after tonights cant wait for nexxt weeks ! When you got to go hosp that Brompton ....good god that a jaunt. ! We got black lab called sally. She so quiet and good .. she is a regestered p a t dog we used to go to visit people in hospitals hospices etc ,but i had to pack it in when i was worse than bloody patients. !!! She put loads of weight on cos residents were feeding her biscuits all time. ! She loved it and allways made a b line for the really poorly ones ! Dogs bring lots of pleasure dont they ! I had first one at. 3 and never been without one x well nite and bless hope tomorrow brings some breath. Sue

Only got Taunton hosp today hun,Just to see how my lungs are doing ! can tell them that on phone tut..Awww a Labrador they have lovely temperaments and best friend anyone can have..My wesite has a broken ear,he was matterered when I had him and had to cut out his knots with a scissors.The woman or should i say cow had him paiid £1000 for him then done that to him.locked him out back like the advert you see on tv..I took him on and won first prize in local fun dog show for good condition ,n dog judges would like to take home..I bawled all the way home lol..

MY breathing went down this morning ,pretty scary I admit..Do you get like that ? Have a good day,,Take care Laura x..

Why on earth do people.have a dog and tthen be like that to them ?? I,ll never understand. We had just.lost our retrever / collie.and saw an add in local paper for sally.for sale she was. 6 months old owner had cancer and couldnt look.after her she,d had loads of people after her buut let us have her ! I kept in touch for a while sending photo!s and letters telling her she was fine. But then i didt know if i was making things worse so just sent a card at xmas for a bit anyway we really lucky with her,she so quiet just the thiing at our stage in life ..imm 66. Bill 77 and sally 8. !! Yes my breathing up and down from one min to next. You can never plan anything can you. see mum yesterday 97th b day felt ok then really bad coming hom and its only 10 miles i didnt walk it. !!!!! Then bad night but not to bad after meds nebs etc .. Do have the comunity respiratory nurses in to you. ? I do they are great they come every 2 weeks constantly but if needed will come daily or whenever i want its brilliant service there is allways someone you can ring. .anyway must go good luck at hosp. Take care. Sue. XX i ment to tell you ,when im on morphine i take help with side effects. !!!!if you cant get prescrip you can buy it from chemist. Certainly helps me. Or is thatto much information !!!! X

My boyfriend just lost his retriever when I met him 2yrs ago bless.He cried buckets! Told me he has only cried twice in his life ,once when his dad died and then when bob the dog died bless..Glad your feeling a bit better,it takes it out of you when you have to go somewhere,and as you said you have to plan ahead..I am with the threads nurses who care for me,they are brilliant..I just phoned them to cancel my appointment,I had bad asthma attack this morning,and am flagged.They understood..

My ankles n belly swollen from the steroids and that dont help with the breathing even though I am on water tablets..I now have laxatives from hospital,like liquorice allsorts loads of them haha I am beginning to rattle lol.

Take care of yourself,glad your mum had a nice birthday bless,but you must take care of yourself as well...Keep smiling Laura xxx

Just come to have neb and seen your massage. ! Its a bugger when you,r too bad to go to hospital isnt it !!! Was talking to mum yesterday about how treatments have improved in guite short space of time .I started with asthma when i was about 3. There was no treatment at all then. Just waited to see if you recovered !!!! Infact the first ti me i had a so called inhalof was when i was about 11 we moved here from manchester and they were doing research into lung.problems here cos of the pits and potteries. Lucky move really. Mums 3 brothers all died young with it and her dad too . But she never had any problems. I greatfull my kids or grandkids are free of it too. ! Well best go and do a bit of supervision with hubby ( bloody hopeless left to own devices ) Bet you fed up with people telling you to rest ...but rest up i really hope you improved a bit. I not really a religious person but i will say a little prayer for you love sue

Hi there Laura ere you feeling now. ? Thought just send you guivk message see how you are ..Think its going to be bit cooler next few days so you might be able to cope bit better ...hope so. ! Every day a day nearer your op. !! Good luck with things keep in touch. Sue. X

Aww thanks Sue,Will defo keep in touch..Let me know how you are doing? How are you feeling? Laura xxx

Hi there Laura ,how are you feeling today ? Any better ? Hope you are bit less weary ! Its been raining here today so guite refreshing ...never satisfied are we ? Saves bill watering plants etc ! Been and had hair cut so feel like new woman. ( dont look like one tho ! ) Bill asleep on floor infront of fire so i come upstairs with windows open. ! Says he got a cold. !!!! You got the picture. !! My respiratory nurse came yesterday. She lovely and usually stays about an hour she tested bloods , said blood sugar hi so now ?dibeties...steroid induced !! I told her i flatly refuse to have anything else and thats that. ! Spare room allready looks like bloody i c u ! Oh well hey ho. I sitting by the window rain pooring down and i can hear birds singing away it sounds lovely i love the sound of rain on trees ...strange woman !! Harry grandson wont be happy supposed to be playing match tonight at Darby. Well room service here with cuppa. Lots of love. Sue.

How are you today Laura. Breathing any easier. ? Not done much today breath. But perhaps better tomorro ! I just watched John Bishop on Paul o Grady show. He does make me laugh i love his sort of humour .....natural . Is your little Scotty ok. Sally fast asleep in bed ..thats the life eh. ? Lots of love Sue x

Hi there Laura are you ? Havent hrd anything from you for a bit and wondered if you were ok ? X

Hiya Sue,I have been in hospital for a while and trying to write this on a poorly lappy ill mine gets fixed..Only had the bliming thing a few mths..

I have been in hospital for over a week due to swollen feet n stomach..I was told my swollen belly due to achilles (fluid I now have corpulmonale right sided heart failure..After ct scans they found i have gall stones and a lump cyst thingy lol on my kidney..Bring it on lol they can add them on to all my other ailments Fed up of this lappy missing letters i have resorted to the on screen keyboard what a pain..I Hope your well as can be love Laura xx

Hi sweatheart just noticed this post . Bloody hell you going thu the mill. I bet you are fed up with things. Wish there was something i could do x its not fair is it ( under statement ) are you getting plenty of help from your resp nurses .They verry good arent they but all you want to is to be able to breathe ...not too much to ask is it ! Whats the plan then with treatment. ?? Hope they got some sort of treatment lined up ! Howw is your boyfriend copeing ? Bet he worried to death ? Well now i fired all these questions at you. I let you get some rest. . Keep in touch. Nite n bless. Xx. Sue

Hi there laura how are you feeling today ? Any better or still in general state of disrepair ? Right then whats the plan health wise ? Surely you must be nearer the top of list for surgery after all this palaver ! How do you feel about having it done ? Silly question i suppose but just wondered ! I often think whatever they suggested to do that would help i,d give it a go must be exhausted you poor thing. And all these "add ons " we get dont help another day ..another bloody challenge. .! Ive not been too bad really i still keep wakeing up in the mornin. !!! We supposed to be going to dorset in 2 weeks one day i look forward to it then i dreading it . We go every year so know the area and whhere hosp drs etc is and know the people . My son said the only facilities we not used is bloody coast guard !! But there time yet ! Well going now room sercvice bringing cuppa. You take care lots of love. Sue. X

HI Sue firstly my lappy still poorly and this one doing my head in lol as some of the letters dont work..I am still awaiting date for op,so none the wiser.Although they are sending correspondence to my g,p so that is progress lol,I am petrified but at the same time hoping it will help me breathe a bit better..glad you feel a bit better and hope Dorset will cheer you up a bit..I fell asleep earlier,and its now time to sleep I'm wide awake.I never slept last night as I re homed my westie today to a lovely cpl from dorset that lives by the beach..It broke my heart as i had him 12yrs,the house is quite without him, but I know he will spend what yrs he has left happy..It got such a struggle I couldn't even let him out until i had my nebs and then my breathing would take ages to come up,poor mite would be crossing his legs..I adored him but feel relieved in a good way as I have so many hospital admissions and apps with docs nurses etc its for the best.. They tell me he is so happy I can get on and not worry about him.I tried dog sitters but so expensive..Still get a lump in my throat,but he's happier now and enjoying his new life..

On a lighter note, have a fantastic time in dorset and get some fresh air down those lungs..I am swigging the oramorph and taking my tabs to get back to noddy land..Take care lots of love L aura x

Oh sweatheart how awfull having to re home your little dog !! This bloody disease affects everything doesnt it it ,i,m so sorry. You must feel devestated .only people who are dog lovers will appreciate how upsetting it is its one thhing after another for you . You tried your best and sometimes you can only do so much . Will these peopl keep in touch with you. And let you know how he is ? We had Sally when she was 9 months old off a lady who had cancer and couldnt cope...she was heartbroken too. I kept in touch with her. Photos etc and letters. But then i didnt knoe if i was dragging the agony out for her her did it for couple years then gradually stopped. All i can say is she settled in from. Day one !! At a risk of repeating my self what a bugger !! We lucky cos bill at home all day so takes charge of walking feeding etc . I do hope they push you to top of list and get you helped wich hosp do you attend ? I really hope and pray things start to improve for you for you. Message me any time. Sue. XXxX

I am heartbroken but it got to the stage it got too much for me.. I had to cancel his haircuts twice as my breathing went down,cost me a fortune for ppl to walk him and the last time i showered him I ended up in hospital..Val the lady who has him has phoned and they love him, they live right by the beach in exmouth, I am sort of relieved in a way as he was spoilt rotten by me but beach and walks will top that bless him..I was on nebs other day as soon as I woke up and Jack my westie was barking to go out I couldn't see to him for ages, so that was the decider really.Your right life can be a bitch sometimes and re homing Jack is another change in my life ,but I dont have to worry about him now bless..

I go to Musgrove in Taunton, I have been to pulmonary rehab twice,and came first on the knowledge about Emphysema lol I should think so, I have had it since I was 36 lol...I know all the respiratory staff and threads after care team..Think they sick of my face,but will say they have been fantastic...

How are you doing Sue? How are you feeling?I hope your ok? Take care nice to hear from you and thanks for caring..Look after yourself .. Laura xxxxx

Well this is my third attempt to write a message ! Each time i get nearly to end i pressed something and everything gone !!! Bill walkes sally with his friennd who got a westie he called max and is a bugger any dog comes near sal and he,ll have a go at them no matter how big they are ! Bill says he sure one day they,ll brinb him home in a bag !!! One day a bullmastive chased him he ran thru the park railings and got his head stuck. !!! The fire brigade had to come and cut him out. And then he had a go at firemen. ?!!! Bill was in state of collapse with laughinng wen he came home. What are the threads nurses ? Do they come in regularly to you ? Does someone come in daily i hop they do ....i send bill over !!!! He does really well he 78 and walkes miles and does all the housework. He 12 years older than me we both been married before but been together 30 years and known each other 40 years Bloody hell ....long time eh ? Well i go now before i wipe everything off again. Hope this has kept you amused for afew minuits . Get plenty of rest and i sure your little fury friend be ok ..when you had your surgery you could go and spend a day or two visiting him that be nice wont it. !!! Sleep well and God bless. Sue. X

Haha, some westies are like that, they think they rule all dogs, Jack thought any dog would play, He is placid in nature, I often kept him close as he thought all dogs was there for him to play,,How nice you have a lovely hubby, I was married 17yrs to a school teacher 3 kids but he was so boring I stuck at it for the kids sake, Met a guy then and stayed with him 13yrs,, He thought I was going to die once, and robbed my bank of a few hundred, unfortunately I lived and he ended up in a caravan lol.. No second chances for him..I gave him everything to start afresh mugs tea towels cutlery etc..I am now with Darren , he is an electrician,he and a friend work together..They set up on their own yrs ago,, Darren is 49 and I am 56 . Age is just a number, he has been my rock through every thing..I scared him senseless when I had my first exacerbation but he is used to it now bless..

The thread nurses care for ppl with chest problems, and work you to death in the gym pulmonary rehab.. When you come out of hospital they come to your home for a week or so till your back as well as can be.. they phone me most days to see how I am and how I am coping.. They are a godsend..

Morphine just kicked in so I will bid you good night lol Sleep well big hugs Laura xxxx

Hiya are you feeling today. Any better.or still cr&< ? We been run out today to garden centre only wanred pond plant and nnearly killed me ! I thought if the buggers are 20 guid i,m having one after all this. !! You sound like you got a good one with Darren ..bless him ! Do youlive together ? Nosey i know !! Isnt it typical that you meet the good ones later in life. Mi nd you the bad ones get there come uppance eventually. My first husband was an alcoholic and i left to live with bill when kids were abt 12 and 13. He never sees them ar grandkids. But they,ve not wanted to see him He,s never had anything wrong with him ( b#$]&rd ) like we say lifex not fair. But at least i get the kids and grandkids and good hubby. And i,m sure he die a lonely painfull long death !!!!! Oooh i evil and twisted am i ???? Looks like i dyslexic today , just read thru my post. ..never mind you get the gist ! I bet your little jack been on the beach today dont cry ! Running in the sea aand on the sand They soon adapt dont they ...bit like us !! Well going to have a cuppa and meds. Rest up. Laura we behind you. Xxx sue

Morning laura you doing. ..mind you its afternoon !! I dont seem to be able to ge any recent posts up from me to you or you to me trying this way. ! Just as long as you ok and not in hospital aagain. Take care speak soon. Xx

Morning laura ...or arternoon. How are you doing ? I dont seem to be able to send or receive messages. So trying this way. ! Hope you ok and not in hospital again ! Take care. Sue x

Hiya, sweetie,was in hospital all day, just came home.Woke this morning n couldn't breathe took ages for para medics to get me stabilised.At least I live to tell the tale lol.Had raging headache for 2days though it was the weather,I have a chest infection so back on high dose of 8

steroids and 500mg Amoxcillin, to blast the buggies lol.

I can laugh now but I was scared senseless...I am dreading tomorrow morning,I have option of staying in but I have everything at home and hospital will ring for the next few days,,

I hope your bearing up ok?Would like to know how you are as well.?You are lovely person,Take care Laura xxx

Ohhhhh sweatheart you are having a bugger of a time i wish there was something i could do ..but my magic wand buggered. ! Its the most frightening thing isnt it whrn you cant breathe. And it doesnt get easier or less scary no one knows do they ? Were you on your own ? Do your kids live near you ,mind you if they r anything like mine unless your unconscious on a bloody ventilator they think u ok !!!! I bet you being upset over little jack hasnt helped either . Do you feel more secure in hospital or better at home ? Sometimes i feel better in hosp if its my usual ward. Just want nurses and docs around me and rest of family to piss off. !!!! We just come back from watching harry play cricket , just stayed about 1 1/2 hours then had enough ....home again. ! I not tooooo bad really just about as breathless as normal. . We supposed to be going dorset friday and i getting stressed we staying 3 weeks and 3 weeks meds is a lot of stuff mobile i c u. !!!! Oh well happy days eh. ! I hope you dont go off again. Keep strong laura. Lots of love. Sue xxx message me any time i here. X

Mornin /afternoon laura . How are you feeling today ? Just having cuppa and thought i send you message ! Have your steroids and antibiotics kicked in yet. ...seems to take.ages when you feel so ill doesnt it ! I,m trying to sort out bits and bobs for Dorset christ i take stuff then wear same comfy stufff all the time Bill just says all i need is a t shirt and jeans. !!!! Men ....feel tempted to do just that. ! As long as got my meds be ok ..i taking i pad or ipod whatever u call them so will be in touch ...going friday and stop over somewhere we only have to go to sainsburys and we falling out so heaven help us. Mustent take any sharp objects. !! Where we stay in the village overlooking the sea is a little old church , and we made arrangements to renew our wedding vows there. Its a lovely spot and just had brain storm about doing it there, only me and bill no not like big fat gypsy wedding ! Just new dress. ..hippy dippy style. Cos thats me. And flip flops sos me feet swollen. ......go on laugh. You allowed to !! Well finished cuppa so i,ll message u again just keep eye on you. !try and stay posative laura i know this is the hardest thing you have done. But thry only give difficult things to people who can cope ( allways thought it was load of c-@p meself !! ) lots of love. Sue xx

Feeling a tad better thanks..Had my friend Sue stay last night to keep me company as am still breathless . I told her I will sleep on sofa as I am on a tilt with the arms which help my lungs .. I took tabs n morph and I fell asleep , I opened my eyes and she was stood in doorway, debating to go in bed or use my other sofa she had my furry blanket n pillow hiding her legs I thought she was a bloody ghost..I am surprised I didn't have an attack. Bless she has a heart of gold and where as some friend dwindle away when yr ill she has stuck around..I laugh at you and you sure make me smile. Strange as it seems I feel as if I have known you years..

Sounds so nice to renew yr vows, how beautiful is that..Flipflops and ditzy dress whatever.I think its soooooooo romantic...Let me know all about it I sincerely hope all goes well for you .flipflps whatever you will look beautiful.....

Take care Sue and hope that sun shines down on you ,lots of love Laura xxx

Oh i glad you feeling tad better yes.people do drift away i had friend whoes husband had cancer wen i was working 2little kids etc ilooked after kids ranher to hosp etc ...he died. she carried on working...we nursed together. Then she met someone else i had to finish work never see her now. ! Bugger em eh. I got another friend who had breast cancer. She had that i. Got worse and she here or on phone all time. !Mind you you we done some crying and laughing together. Funny isnt it ? I bill funny how you click with someone. I,m glad we got to know each other we certainly got things in common !!! Yeh i let u know how things go. Its the 3rd week of holls ...we might have fallen out by then. Knowing us. I was ok till my friend said said. Bloody hell sue can you stand another 25 years. ?? Be lucky to be here in 25 years. I be bloody 90. !!!!! What a thought. ! Well i hope you improved a bit by tomorrow ..let me know ...i worry bt ya nite n bless laura. Xx

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Was going to ask if you go on the dreaded facebook. If you do i can send some pics ...dont know what i doing on here cant even put a pic on profile. Been trying for weeks !

Bugger just wiped my message off again. ! Right are you feeling ? Things any easier ? If someone thought what disease can i make to cause as much distress ,pain , depression anxiety, affect every aspect of your life ,this would be it !!! My mums 3 brothers all had lung disease and they all died in there 30,s no treatment then at all .i didnt have any treatment till i was 14 cos there wasnt anything . Now there is so much available for people but now we bloody live longer. !!! Your a young woman and should be enjoying life not bloody struggeling .. isnt it a p|$%#r. !! On that note ...i getting organised for dorset on Friday. How can 2 people need so much stuff ( just in case ) i will stay in touch while we away and shall be thinking about you and sending some love and strength via the airwaves. . Lots of love sweatheart. Stay strong. Sue. XXzX

Yay found you lol..I have been thinking of you going on your travels..Your family has had bad health like mine and its a horrible soul destroying disease...I ended up in surgery again today, lets hope 8 steroids and Clarithromythcin 500mg will kill the buggies..Have a lovely time in Dorset I will be thinking of you..I am shattered so off to bed I go ..Take care lots of love Laura xxxxxx

Morning / afternoon laura. How ere you feeling today. ?? You sounded really down these last few days or so. I wish i. Cccould help somehow.but all i can do is send you my love and prayers and som strength. X pitty we dont live near too then i could give you bit of support ...when we can both breathe. !!!! I,m glad i got on this site you meet some lovely people. Who i woouldnt have met if we hadnt been poorly. Funny world isnt it. ? I went to respiratofy dept at local hosp yesterday. Just a check up and spirometery. Gone down again still grade 4 but lower grade 4. ! I said well u wouldnt expest the bugger go up would ya !!!ii. I be glad when we away .. had appts at hosp. Mon , tues , and wed. Isnt it a bugger when the woman in canteen knows me. !! Same thing last year all appts before we go away so got 3 weeks free. Of hosp. What do i do ???fall over. At weymouth. And broke my arm. !!!!! Certainly caaused some hilarity.even i thought it was funny so never.did get a rest from health service. Myy kids.and grandkids still laugh (no sympathy ! ) i was doing a woman thing and being nosy !! Right well i expect to hear you loads better when we come home or at verry least no worse !!!please improve ....i be in touch. Cos taking all electric gadgets with me ..gone are days of sending a post card lots of love. Message me and keep in touch. Sue.

Hiya Sue. I have been sat in garden soaking up the rays for vitamin D or is E dunno,one of them for the bones..I am still trying to type with this crappy lappy lol.Mine should be fixed soon hence short messages..keep exercising get that grade back up!!I get embarrassed when go to the hospital, all paramedics n nurses know me..One nurse sings "here she comes again" lol and I even know a cpl of philoeanos who are so lovely they make me cuppa n sarnie every time I am in bless..

You are a star, and try not to be nosy on hols...Dont think I should say break a leg!

I am feeling like #### today,at the crappy mucky ,barrrel chested ,stage and restless as hell on steroids, its hard if I had the puff I could work some of it off but cant, so its restless legs for the rest of the day!

Now for my refreshing cold drink of Laxido ..Take care and be careful.Keep well.. Laura xx

Night n bless .....stay strong. X

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