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I can now give you the full run down on my health problems. I finished my 6 x 2 week PR course and have had my final assessment. The lady in charge, Wendy, said I had done very well and I walked 8 metres further in my 6 minutes than when I started, my depression was down but my anxiety was up and my weight was down, I've lost 3 1/2 kilos. I then saw the Doctor who diagnosed arthritis in my hip and ankle, he gave me some wonderful tablets that took away the nerve pain and sent me for x-rays but of course the underlying discomfort is still there. During my PR I had a flare-up and self medicated my Ciprofloxacin. I was then called to see the Respiratory Consultant at the local hospital and, after an x-ray and an examination she said that I wasn't quite over my flare up. Two weeks later she rang me to say that she had received a full report on my x-ray and there was still an area of infection in my right middle lobe so to go back on the antibiotics and go back in 4 weeks for another x-ray. I got the results of the arthritis x-rays this morning and it is as he thought so I have to continue on the nerve tablets and he has upped one of my other tablets to keep me sane. So there you are folks, wonderful doctors giving wonderful advice and treatment, very reassuring. Take care. Lizzy

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You are at least getting proper follow-ups. Full marks to your care team.

Good to hear you're being looked after properly. :)

Congrats on the succesful PR,you did do well!

So glad you have a great support team xxx

Congratulations all round are deserved especially to you Lizzy xx

Thanks Suzy6, you sound to be a lovely lady. Take care. Lizzy x

Thanks to everyone for your support. Now I've got to keep up the exercises until my 3 month assessment. Take care in the sun you lovely people. Lizzy x

Really glad to hear you are having such good medical advise - such a relief. Take good care TAD xx

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