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Were off to the beach today


Don't know what beach yet but were heading south and we'll see what happens whoopee!!!!.


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Whoopy indeed Tony. Love photo. Have a grand day. Have a swim for me please. Ok well at least wet your toes.

Definitely paddling weather. Have a good day. x


Oh young Tony,how exciting,hope you have the good weather down South! Now don't get to carried away on that surfboard,hanging 10!

I could recommend some great spots here,but alas a tad too far for you!

Enjoy your day,hope you're taking the child bride with you,to keep you out of trouble!

Have a wonderful time,we will expect a pic.of course! xxx

I had to drop something off just south of Bristol in a place called Highbridge yesterday morning & I needed to go back & pick it up late afternoon, so we spent the day at Weston Super Mare. Haven't been there for years, hot sunshine & had a lovely day by the seaside. They let you park right on the beach, very conventeint for me.

Went round town on the scooter & eventually found Jill Dando's memorial garden, something I've been wanting to see for the past few years ..... a touching place to spend a quiet hour reflecting on life.

All in all, a really great day out - couldn't have asked for better.

Sohara in reply to out-for-lunch

Out for a long lunch then ? :) :)

Now you be careful with that oxygen when on your surfboard.....:) :)

Ok Mr Miracle man. From the uppermost heights to the beautiful ocean. Putting my meagre efforts to shame. Still have made it to the doctors surgery on my own using the the granny wagon. Got hold of a ski walker thing and am preparing for a boat ride. Then a swim in the sea, 5m pipe and hubby holding the tank. Still my hero love Dozy xx

dall05 in reply to DozyDormouse

They say its all high's and lows living with this disease and I'm just proving it. :)

After a month or more stuck in a low due to the abscess operation I'm exercising again and clearing those clogged up lungs. I always new the lack of exercise would set me back and it did but I'm away again now and getting back to normal.

I have found that pretty extreme exercise works for me so I have to keep it up Dam it!! but its a small price to pay for better mobility eh'

Good to hear from you super woman, this weather is gonna be just great for boating and swimming so I hope it all goes well. Why don't you get a longer pipe and be the first woman on oxygen to swim the channel with hubby rowing behind. I'll watch out for it on the news. :)

It seems I am back in the hands of rheumatology once again as they are fairly certain now its the anti jo1 antibody that's attacking my lungs and anti immune suppressants are still the way to go until transplant.

Its great news that your getting out and about on your own, that's a sine that your confidence is growing and hopefully not being followed by the usual oxygen tanker.

Enjoy the sun DD and keep those lungs clear through exercise, it really helps me.

Tony xxxx :)

Hope you had a fantastic day

Oh what a great photo. Brings back lovely memories.

I do hope you had a wonderful day. Where did you end up?

You are completely right Dall about the exercise thing. I am doing 15 mins ( started at only 5 wimp eh?) every morning on my stepper. I REALLY never want to do it...but I am finding that it really does help my breathing/fitness/ etc I am also doing some walks etc & choosing ones with hills ( slight) on them, so as to push myself....and I do feel better in myself.

Seems like when the docs/nurses/ say do some exercise...they are actually right !!!! who knew ? :) :)

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