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Potential diagnosis of Bronchiolitis. Unsure if I have early onset of clubbing?


Today I heard from the doctor that I may have Bronchiolitis. I've had chest pains for about 3 years and despite having numerous xrays, lung capacity and spirometry tests nothing came up, so was just told it was muscle related and to get on with it.

So 3 years later I went back again and todays xray shows I have enlarged bronchi at the base of my right lung. The doctor while doing some tests asked me to put my fingers together. I didnt know why...until I got home and googled. She was checking for Schamroth's Sign. I think I failed, mainly because the gap in my fingers is now tiny, but also because she muttered 'interesting' when she saw my fingers.

So I've done some googling. I'm guessing the pictures online are the extreme cases, but I want to know if I have the early onset. Is there anyway I can tell?

By doing the test again I can see there is a small amount of gap on my forefingers. Its big enough to let light through, but not big enough to see through. All my other fingers have a gap big enough to see through.

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Its supposed to indicate that you have a heart or lung disease.

I read up on google. I don't think I have clubbing but still not sure what to look for.

see thats just it. all the pics i think are very serious examples. i only have no gap on my forefingers, everything else is fine, but unsure if thats the start of clubbing or actual clubbing occuring

I haven't any gaps either squady but not sure what I'm looking for

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