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dopey doctors !!

diagnosed with mild to moderate copd approx. 9 months ago. developed lump in stomach 3 months ago, doctor diagnosed lypoma and nothing to worry about. eventually began to experience discomfort so back to doctor who assured me again just a lypoma and nothing to worry about. around 3 weeks ago in real pain ,could hardly breath, back to doctors again . still insisted just a lypoma . this time I insisted they sent me for scan , doctor very reluctantly agreed just for my peace of mind. had scan turns out to be a hernia caused by excessive coughing due to copd. been told it could now mean upto 9 more months of pain and discomfort before hernia repair can take place.. why when being fully aware that I have copd did doctor not immediately suspect something wasn't right and book me in for scan earlier ?.. very annoyed !!

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How annoying! I have found with bitter experience that we have to almost tell the doctors what went! Thank goodness you insisted on a scan, so sorry you still have months of pain but on the bright side there is a light at the end of the tunnel. TAD xx


How dam annoying! No wonder you are peeved.But as Tad said there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Good on you though,for insisting on more tests!

Good luck with it,Wendells xx


It does seem that GP's can be blinkered at looking at more than one condition a little to often.


Similar experience from me, eventually grudgingly said I had a umbilical hernia, which was plain to see by all, but I am convinced there is also a hiatus hernia as well. i think it is because I am now almost 74 and not worth the bother !


Had my hernia diagnosed by my GP 2 weeks ago,who referred me to the Royal Bolton.

Got appointment for the very next day,but was told I was unsuitable for general anesthetic,due to heart and COPD.

Referred to see an Anesthetist consultant,and got an appointment for 5 days later.

Having visited this charming lady I was informed I was not suitable for general anesthetic,so was referred back to the consultant I saw the first time.

No idea whats going to happen now,but told them I wasnt going to put up with being in pain every time I coughed.

I do hope you get yours sorted and know exactly how it feels.


From my experience, I have a navel hernia, it shouldn't be painful for very long - not 6 months anyway. If you can, now and again, push it back inside. It will pop out again, but that's what a GP told me. I've seen on TV that Georges II's wife died because they didn't know how to treat this and a surgeon just cut across the whole lot! Nowadays, if there's an operation they push the thing back in and tighten the edges. so don't worry, you won't die of it!

As for your GP, they are not really experienced people. if they happened to have seen something like this, that they know, but they don't specialise.


What happens when you have an Hernia varies vastly from place to place. I had a lump and my GP sent me for a scan, which was quick as we have a walk in type service. A small inguinal Hernia was diagnosed although the lump is in the upper abdomen by my naval. Anyway that was over two years ago, I have been getting pain since last September now, have been assessed for surgery and put on a waiting list, last time I waited 9 months on the list for repair but was not in pain. Nothing seems to happen in these cases unless you insist, as you found out Postie28 it's viewed as a minor condition but if it is popping out or painful it can be a dangerous situation. The general opinion of the national hernia site is that once there is pain it should be operated on before it becomes an emergency. Understand your anger as I am in the same position as you it's scary when in pain as you don't know whether its just popped out or is strangulated and you never know when it's going to pop out and make you ill.


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