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Something suspicious on CT (Lymph node) but broncoscopy clear so no biopsy taken is this normal or anyone had similar?


I often cough up blood and already know I have mild COPD due to moderate emphysema and also complex sleep apnoea all following two bouts of severe pneumonia and a long history of weird and wonderful additional medical conditions thanks to having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (a rare genetic connective tissue disorder).

Today's bronchoscopy was called for following a recent CT with contrast and they pre-warned me they were going to take a biopsy having seen what they think was a suspicious lymph node on the CT but in the end they said nothing unusual was seen so just took "washings" (as is usual an had been done on my last brochoscopy 18 months ago).

My question is I guess is if something weird on CT where do we go from here as bronoscopy was "clear"? I'm hoping someone else might have traveled this road or something similar and can help reassure me given how getting info out of our local NHS trust is like pulling teeth. LOL.

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Hi have just had CTscans and Bio the Scanpsy, I have Bronchectisus also Psudamonus the scan showed something else as well, very much out of breath. not sure if it is a Fungus, NowI have just had IVantibiotics, which didn't clear it.waiting for more details. will keep you informed .Husband screaming at me to get ready for shops!!!

Sociable in reply to dafadil

Thanks so much for taking time to respond hope you brought yourself something nice :)

Interestingly I have a suspicion the lymph node is probably dealing with fungus in my system too as my cultures tend to be flora rather than forna thanks to being on full time anti B's for so long now that it promotes an imbalance.because the antibiotics kill off the good bacteria that normally keep it under control so will be interesting to compare notes over the coming weeks and months with both of us getting not just answers but solutions to whatever is going on :)

Thanks again.

Hi.... I know its easy for me to say..... but don't worry.

Your bronchoscopy shows nothing nasty. Which is very good news.

So its more like as not that the lymph gland is a result of an infection at sometime, which doesn't have to be recent.

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine, and she is fine.

Many thanks Budgiesmon

I'm calmer now it's all done and dusted I think it was largely being psyched up for the procedure then everything getting changed as the day progressed and add a large dose of sedation to the mix and similar last min switches of what the docs were saying whilst I was in hospital for my last exacerbation that was throwing me.

They had started queering if it was a TB type infection at one point which I admit made for a great laxative if you get my drift LOL

Not least as they had been talking about which of two types of scan to do as also talked about worried about clots but then didn't do any scans at all and only did the CT after I had the later episode of producing a nice chunky lump of coagulated blood the week after being sent home.

End of the day I think its the not knowing that gets to me as most of us worry about "what may be" far more than "what is" even when the "what is" turns out to be nastier.

Guess it's a case of "better the devil you at least know the name of" :)

Hello again...... parts of your history are very much like my friends... she was also diagnosed. ????? TB.

Hers turned out to be an infection which resembled TB . After prolonged antibiotic treatment she is now clear.

As for today's doc's....and hospital staff in general...there is a great lack of thought for the patients general well being. They forget how nervous and agitated we all get in that sort of situation. ......No doubt you over heard some of their discussions, this mixed with the medications and surroundings not would help ......... I think you are quite right.. its the not knowing, but it shouldn't be long before some results are out.

Anyway looking on the bright side..... the weather is improving,

So chin up .......

Very true budgiesmon. :)

I completely empathize with you...I live in the US and was diagnosed with UIP/DIP after open lung biopsy in 2010. My Ct scan showed swollen lymph nodes in several different areas of my chest as well as honey combing and glass attenuation...I had had a bronchoscopy which was normal.

Thanks for taking time to reply docmel it is very much appreciated.

I have taken a quick look at UIP/DIP and as often seems to happen when I do such a search something else comes up that which joins some other dots. In this case Sarcadosis might be the answer for me as I also get frequent problems with skin lesions that would also tie in with the mystery problem in the lymph nodes as they match those listed under Sarcadosis.

Time will tell I guess but can't help it I always like to get a handle on what is going on as it helps me deal with things more easily if that makes sense?

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