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Hospital at home


New initiative (to me anyway). I am currently in hospital, at home. I have been quite ill for a couple of weeks now and finally went back to gp to say nothing seemed to be working for this recent COPD attack. I was referred to this service in Suffolk which is to keep you out of hospital with all it's bugs and infections but to treat you as if you are in hospital. The nurses visit every day and you must stay in and follow hospital guidelines until they discharge you. Today the nurse did blood tests, spirometery as well as the usual BP and oxygen levels. She wrote down a daily chart and will return tomorrow to see how I am doing and will have the blood test results and will do the spirometery again if needed. I am so impressed with this service, it's great. I have always said that there is not much more they can do in the hospital than I can do at home and this gives you the all important back up to follow that line. What do you think ?

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That sounds a very good arrangement. First I have heard of it. Get well soon Eve. xx

Get well soon Eve. I haven't heard of that scheme but it sounds ideal being at home in familiar surroundings but with the benefits of professional care.

Ann x

That sounds good to me Eve, much better than being stuck in a buggy ward.

Bobby xx

What a great idea.

Hope you're on the mend



Yeah I've had hospital at home twice both times when I've had Pneumonia, I had an initial stay in hospital for a couple of days, but then my treatment was continued at home normally for 10 days. Now my treatment is managed by the Community Respiratory Team, if I feel ill I ring them rather than going to my GP, they deal with everything from Oxygen to Dietician.

I think it's brilliant and if it keeps me out of hospital.

Kim xxx

I had the same a few weeks back. Suffolk also. Slight difference was that they phoned for a couple of days and visited in person at the end of the week. My sats were so low they sent me back into hospital.

It's still better being at home away from all those bugs though.

It's called Early Supported Discharge.

Well I'll keep you posted on how it goes


Hi Eve,I am doing exactly the same..My living room is like a ward with the nebs ,drugs,and Oxygen..I have been in hospital on numerous occasions with exacerbations and now I am treated at home,just like being in hospital.The Thread nurses call every day until my breathing stabilises and then ring me every day to see how I am doing..

They try to get me home asap like you said because of the bugs and germs.Its a good idea in my book,as there is nothing they can do that you can't do at home.

I am awaiting a lung reduction op,so I am petrified of picking up germs and colds,home is the safest place to be..If I go out I carry hand sanitizers after touching shopping baskets,door handles etc The nurses advised me to do this,bit of a pain,but it keeps the bugs away..

I am now discharged back to my g.p and have the nurses on the end of the phone if need be..It must be awful for you having such a long attack,I hope things pick up a bit for you soon..Take care Laura

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omg this is what I will be having,with the cutting out of the bad bits.Excited and scared both at once,I hope they don't put nickel coils in as I am allergic to nickel ..Dr Pallav Shah mentioned is the surgeon I am going to be with,thanks for the information..Much appreciated xx

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its ok porche, don't worry,good luck,xxx

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Really interesting. Thanks twiceshy .

Yes i have the comunity nurse respiratory nurse team in . The service is fantastic they allways at the end of the phone if you need them .We live in north staffs and they will try and help with any problems you have They include the family and so every aspect of your condition is treated .They are wonderful and dont know what i,d do without them I have had respiratory illness.for 60 years and can honestly say that this is the best service i have had during the last 2 years. Sue x


This is exactly the subject I mentioned a few weeks ago.

I attend monthly meetings at my local hospital (have done for a few years now) as a Patient Representative. The latest lot of meetings have been all about setting up a Hospital At Home programme in our area and I must admit, it all sounds fantastic.

I know I would much prefer to be in my own home if at all possible, as long as I receive the treatment required.

I would be extremely interested in how you feel about your Hospital At Home experience Eva, once you are discharged as fit and well again.



I think it's called Care in the Community and it is probably cheaper than keeping you in hospital. x

Firework, hi eve3066 I think this is a brilliant idea, to keep you at home I think we all prefer to be at home so good for you mentally also safer they say you are at high risk of getting infections in hospital so yes great ,hope you feel better soon take good care.

Sounds wonderful but need a lot of support at home. I live alone so probably wouldn't be suitable. Get better soon

I was aware of it, it is great news that it is being put into action it works in so many ways they could even set your sats to go over the home internet if you have it?

Your own home may not be the most sterile but it has the bugs we live with not someone else's

Don't think that, I also live alone but it's ok, I have everything around me and the nurses help. I have just had my second visit and the results of my blood tests from yesterday and a check on whether I am coping. At least I can move easier today. All my meds and nebuliser are next to me and a couple of bottles of water. Books and tv at hand, iPad always ready. Someone at the other end of the phone.


I think that is fantastic - I have never heard of it before. I agree about hospital and have been able to keep my husband at home when he has been very ill but how much better it would have been to have had the reassurance of nursing care. Hope you start to feel better very soon, TAD xxx

What a wonderful idea! Perhaps we should all move to Suffolk

Makes absolute sense,I have always fought to stay at home.I just hope they employ the correct amount of staff to cope with the extra patient load,dont need them to be understaffed and patients to suffer??? :) Janexx

Well I will keep you posted and I have told the nurses that I will recommend (or otherwise)once I am discharged. Everyone should have this choice.

Yes it is a good service if it is available in your area, i have had this service in the past but it has been changed in my area now I believe. We have a fast response team and rehabilitation team to support the GP and community nurses, which works similarly.

I think it is really good to be at home for treatment.i have just had 2 weeks of IVantibiotics and it was good not to go in plus its good to have such lovely nurses twice daily.Hope things go well for you , with regards Monica.

Sounds a brilliant idea,

Like others do not know how I would manage for food, cooking etc. living on my own if I was ill enough to have been in hospital although could be a good idea for others who have support.

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