blood is "thicker" than water :)

an ambulance pulls up to the scene of a car crash, the medic looks over at the pink, upturned nova.

he fetches his medical kit and races across to the vehicle

,crouching to examine the lovely looking blonde girl at the wheel of the battered car. as he studies the red smears on the upholstery, he asks "can you tell me where your bleeding from?"

"ESSEX" she replied:) :)

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  • hahahahaha :D xx

  • poor girl :) lol Jimmw123

  • :-) :-) :-) x

  • Hee hee hee x x x

  • My wife is from Essex and she resembles that remark!

    Good one Jimmy. ;-)

  • She doesn't resent it then.

  • Ha Ha Ha. Morning tonic jimmy. Have a good day xx

  • :) :) :) Glad I'm a redhead.


  • Sounds right! :)

  • hahahahah

  • Love it Jimmy,lol thanks!"-"!

  • O bleeding heck Jimmy! hahaha! xxxxx

  • sounds right to me Jjimmy ha ha aha

  • lol very good thank you xx

  • Very good. ha ha ha. At least she wasn't too badly injured.! hugs xx

  • don't get it, or is it that corny?

  • dont get it ?:) bleedineck where do you come from:)

  • Ha ha ha

  • ha ha enjoyed that

  • that sounds about right !!!!!!!!!

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