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Long and possibly boring

I am a life long chronic bronchitic, had a lobectomy of the left lung at 18, am a non smoker, fairly fit and active (Steps not included), I was just wondering if anyone else's lung function is really inconsistent at the moment, or should I be going to the Doctors. Last Sunday I couldn't manage a reading above 120, the next day it was at 200 and I had a brilliant day. Yesterday the reading was 130, today back up to 190. I take no medication, but seem to be very up and down breathing wise. I never have a reading above 200, but I can't put my finger on anything that I am doing any differently day to day, but my readings and breathlessness is really weird, a bit like me I guess.

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Hi Sukee. Is this the peak and flow meter you are talking about? If so then they seem very low. With my COPD I can blow an average of 300 and my lung function is 66%. I think you should be taking meds ie inhalers to help with your breathing. Why don't you give the BLF a call (number under the red balloon at top right of page) and have a chat with them? There are trained nurses there who can advise you. Another thing which can affect breathing is air pressure so that might be why you are so up and down. Go and have a chat with your doctor as well x

I have low peak flow readings & never go above 200 like you Sukkee. I had both lower lobes removed when I was 15 for bronchiectasis. Possibly that's why we have lower peak flow readings. My sats are always good but my fev puts me in the severe stage 3 COPD range. I do all I can now to not get any worse. I don't think one type of measurement says everything. Try not to worry just try to stay as well as you can

Love sohara

Thank you cough a lot. It is the peak flow reading I was referring to. My doctor is loathe to prescribe meds, as he says that Chronic Bronchitics are notoriously lazy breathers, and that inhalers would make me more lazy. He may have a point in my case!!! I will go and see him and phone the nurses, lets hope the summer sees us all a lot better.

Sukkee I dont really understand what you doctor means by we are lazy breathers !!....I dont know how old you are or how far along the COPD scale you are, but you do need to find out if you don;t know.

because i just got chest infections through my life I just saw the doctor and was not referred on to a chest clinic until I went into hospital with a big was only then I came under the COPD umbrella and have had more attention. You need to make sure you get referred to a Chest consultant , as even if you dont really need any special help now you will do one day

Thank you Sohara, I agree with you that the readings alone are not all that matters. I am generally quite happy with my low readings, just seem to be struggling to breathe a bit more than I usually do, and wondered if it was a general thing or just me, if you see what I mean. Thanks for your reply.

Hi Sohara, This comment was made by the surgeon who removed the lower lobe of my left lung when I was 18. He was very old fashioned, but I really liked him. He believed in exercise and breathing techniques as opposed to drugs for helping with the lung problems that I had. I am now in my 60's, so maybe he was right. Things have certainly changed in the last 40 plus years, but I am generally well and happy and to be honest who can ask for more. I was just checking really, to see if I should pay the GP a visit.

See the doc yes. Drugs have moved on and inhalers can help a lot. X

Hi Sukee 52 i have chronic bronchitis and during summer im well but winter im not good as infections get me. I have emergency antibiotics and steroids at home to start at the very start of an infection. I also have two inhalers atrovent and salbutamol but i only need these in autumn winter as summer i try to be med free i sometimes need the salbutamol if i get very breathless but overall im fine. This winter gone ive had worse time in five years just trying to get to normal now . Eat well exercise use antibacterial wipes spray out and about plus i use vicks first defence spray up nose each time i go out in public ...avoid people with colds like the plague !!! Its those that pose biggest risk to us. I also have rheumatoid arthritis so drugs lower my immune system as well so definitely try to keep away from people with colds xxx best wishes judith x

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