BLUE BADGES don't ya some days just want to give council a slap and throw them out of the own party

Anyway here what council lies there dishing out now about blue badges.

Dont know what there idea of lung diease is or even stuff thay have on wrbsite about criteria but clowns need to read there own shit .

As you can imagine am not happy and will be puting them write to or is it right anyway as if we dont have problems with out them making our conditions worse

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Their ignorance of our condition is the problem. How do we get through to these idiots that struggling to breath is actually quite serious. Lets place them on a high mountain where the air is nice and thin and see if they last 10 minutes let alone the rest of their ignorant lives eh' daz.

They would soon be screaming for any help they could get and hopefully would realise that were only asking for a little help and not the world.


Hi dall05 yer totaly agree with you there :)

You should appeal and get a letter from your GP to back up your need dazisnotsogood

Hi mrflicks cheers yer am going to see doc .. will get letter esp as he said am ill with all the drink and drugs a do

Cant walk if ya like that .. Be intresting to see what doc say's

Appeal Daz,and get a letter from your g.p..Regards Laura

Hi porche296 cheers nice name :)

Yep am going to appeal and will be pointing out there error of there ways and few more things.

The queen says people of my ilk have every right to be ignorant so am going to use it to the max .. after all its not a crime :)

Hi Daz, I have no idea of your personal circumstances, but it sounds as if you think your GP would not be supportive of your application for other reasons. This is completely wrong, but can I make a suggestion. I am not a driver so do not need the blue badge, but I ( as everyone here will do), have had to fill out all sorts of forms for DLA etc. The letter you received rejected your application, but did not close the door on it. My suggestion is to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and ask for their help in composing a letter or filling in a form. These people know what the relevant authorities are looking for and know the best way to word a form or write a letter on your behalf. The letter you got from them also suggested submitting evidence if possible. I am assuming that this is from your GP or Consultant, or any other health professional. Don't give up on your Gp either as he or she might be more supportive than you think. As I say I am not a driver so can't think of any other advice, but good luck and I hope it turns out ok for you. hugs xx

Hi huggs cheers yer you are right .. have got housing welfare rights helping.

Council just take piss on letter the go on about rules .. But dont tell you on letter thay have disgresion.

I submitted my pip letter saying i had problems i.e could walk round downstairs of my house but could not walk over 50 meters

New requirements are 20 meters now which are a disgrace as disability parking bays regs state no more than 50 metres

huggs someone recently told me they are not a drvier and that as they are on mobilty they have a blue badge even though they do not have car or a licence and they let their son use their blue badge.

Now clearly this is misusing the blue badge scheme on that persons part as they never go in their son's car and so it is unfortunate as it is exactly this type of abuse of the system and behaviour that makes things more difficult for those who are really in need.

However it does highlight that one does not need a car or a licence to get a blue badge but need to be on disibility or presumably PIP's with the mobilty component to be eligible.

I myself have been told by people I should apply for a blue badge but am still waiting on a decision on PIP's as am not sure I would be eligible if I didn't get mobility. Anyone know by any chance?

Hi MrFlicks, thanks for that. It has sometimes occurred to me that if I am in a car or taxi being driven by someone else, often they cannot get near enough to where I want to go. I could carry the badge in my bag and if needed, it could be used. I am not sure if I would be eligible for one as I am on the middle rate care component and low rate mobility. I think that might change though. I'm not sure if you would get a badge but try your local CAB or welfare rights. Or you could click on the red balloon for the BLF (British Lung Foundation) and they would be able to tell you. Thanks again and good luck with your pip. hugs xx

My husband had one for the last 2-3 years of his terminal illness. He put on the dashboard of whoever was driving him about.

Flipping appeal Daz! xx

Thanks a lot Peeg. You are always giving me such great advice, as do others. It is much appreciated. Its a good idea to try. Hope you are well. hugs xx

Sounds to me like you should be able to apply and dol excatly that huggs. Bevvy's reply below is interesting to as seems to (from what I am reading) suggest a doctors letter may help even if one wasn't getting mobilty. Given the time it is taking to get processed for PIP's and presumably mobility it seems only right a doctors letter should suffice, at leat one would hope so and is something I might think about if I don't get a decision on PIP's soon not I into month 8 of my application

Yes, I will definitely look into it. I agree Bevvy's reply is interesting. My DLA status might change due to worsening and other health conditions so it is worth looking into. Thanks again.

Your thoughts on the PIP system and mobility have one major flaw! It relies on common sense which the suits who run the country don' have! I am stopping now before I go into a full blown rant! Did I read you right when you said you were in month 8 of your application for PIPS? Surely not, I must have misunderstood. If I have not misunderstood you have to put as much pressure on them as possible. Welfare rights, doctors, consultants, councillors and MP's. That's all I can think of at the moment! I don't need to apply for PIP until next year but I think it is going to be a nightmare. In fact, it already is. All of this is to weed out the scroungers and they are just making a mess of it. Sorry, I did mean to stop ranting, but sometimes I just can't help myself! Keep on their case about your PIP and if you need a badge see about that as well. Good luck and thanks again. hugs xx

huggs believe me I have been on to PIP's as much as I feel they are going to put up with as thye made it quite clear last time I phoned I was not helping my case enquiring as it was being noted on my case file.

I last phoned a fortnight ago and menat to phone Friday afternoon but as it will be the sixth week since my PIPs assessment since my application in week one of October I think I will take the risk of calling again next week even if they are making nores whilst making it clear that won't help my case.

Last week I was told I by the council housing officer I can't keep my mobilty scooter under the stairs but they also may not grant me permission to put up a shed unless all residents agree or should I say unless no residents have any objections so I am not sure what I am going to do about that now either as it seems they are all making it as difficult as possible from every angle as each week goes by now.

I am beginning to look forward to the end of it all now tbh as there seems little point in spending what time is left fighting for nothing.

awe, don't stop fighting Mr Flicks. I know exactly how you feel, when you are desperate for help and you get knocked back all the time. As far as PIP's telling you that you are not helping your case by enquiring what stage it is at, well that sounds like intimidation to me. If you have not already done so then see a Welfare Rights Advisor, CAB or click on the red balloon and see if BLF can help you.

As far as the council are concerned in not allowing you to keep your mobility scooter under the stairs, then I would imagine they would need to give you a valid reason for that. Again bring this up with the advice agencies already mentioned. If there is a support group or helpline for any other health conditions you have then contact them too. Your MP should be able to help you as well. Once politicians get involved then that makes people move quickly I can tell you. Where I live we had an issue with a local block of derelict flats which were in a dangerous condition. To cut a very long story short I and a few others went to the MP's surgery and invited him to come and look at the problem. to his credit he did and we got some action . The problem is not resolved as it involves property but we did get the building made safer. If you are getting nowhere with PIPs then go and see someone who I have mentioned and that they are now intimidating you. There is a lot of help out there its just a matter of finding it and having the energy to deal with it. I too feel like I am in quicksand at times just getting basic help. Keep going and let us know how you are getting on. If you can get your MP to write to the council then I can assure you they will jump. That was my experience anyway, and we got into the local press. All the best and thanks again for your help. hugs xx

Yep dont dispair you need to get intouch with housing medical team al social landlords have them

I think that if you are mobility then you qualify.?

Thanks Offcut, I will be looking into it, because it would be handy if I was in a car, and then just stick it on the windscreen or wherever it goes! take care. hugs xx

My mother of 93 years has a badge and has never driven but it can be used for parking when she is in the car but not by anyone else unless she leaves the car to the place she is going to. I have a blue badge and i am on esa

You do not have to be on any benifit to get a blue badge. I have moderate COPD and a genetic problem with my knee. Been turned down twice for pip but got the blue badge.

This supprised me after the nurse I seen ;(

you don't need to be on benefits to have a Blue Badge. I am not on benefits and have had a Badge for 12 years. Get a doctor to write you a letter. misusing the Blue Badge is now a criminal offence so if you see it, shop them! Good luck.

As far as I know someone else can use the blue badge, which has been issued to a disabled person, providing the disabled person is being carried by that person. The non disabled person cannot use the blue bade without the person the badge has been issued to. So the badge goes with the person not the vehicle-I think?

As I have mentioned on other posts, my council will only give if high rate DLA/PIP. Prior to my receiving I was told needed letter from GP. Then letter from consultant - still wouldn't give despite letters stating I needed. Even asked for help from MP!

I know have BB and has made a tremendous difference - couldn't work without it because couldn't park near work place. Only difficulty now is number of people who have BB fraudulently or even worse people who just park in bay without badge and don't care!

All the best for your fight.

I shop at tesco sometimes and they will not act on it so I issue my own "failure to display ticket" One day out of the 15 bb spaces there was 6 non badges parked in them.

If they are full and there is non badge parkers in some bays, I will park in the mother and toddler and display my badge. Disability parking is a requirement but mother and toddler has no legal standing in law other than the parking conditions set out by the parking management company. If they issue a ticket (it is in fact an invoice as they cannot fine you on private land) the only way they can legally get the money is by going to court. I have been issued once for mother and toddler with my badge but replied that they had not met there duty of care by not controlling the disability bays and left me with no option but to park as close as I could with what was available to me at the time. If they wish to pursue this I will have no option but to make my MP and press aware of the discrimination towards someone less fortunate. Dropped the charge/invoice :)

Fight back, Daz. Good luck with it. xx

I have a blue badge and use it in any car I travel in.I am on high rate Mobility and have now been placed in support group as I am so ill. I really get annoyed at people who are disabled refused the blue badge when they are entitled to it and people who are able using spaces specifically for the disabled...

Appeal Dazisnotsogood, I have a badge but don't drive or have a car. But do have arthritis and COPD. If you don't get high rate mobility you need medical evidence of how your illness affects your mobility. I agree the regulations are a bit gobbledygook but then so are many rules and it is worse when you are ill to understand them. Think we all reach the point of utter frustration in these issue so appreciate your sentiments.

Hi everyone, I just went onto my councils website to view the criteria for a blue badge. I am not a driver but several of you have suggested I may still be eligible. I found where to apply for a blue badge and find out information, and honestly I can't believe what happened next. In big red and pink letters it said I did not have permission to view the form. It did suggest I could download it using some other method, but I could not view it on line. Who the heck do they think they are telling me or anyone else we cannot view a form online. I'm ranting again so I'm stopping because I am getting angrier by the minute. Imagine that! The absolute cheek of it. hugs xx

huggs I just went to check out what happens if I follow the links in Lincs and it takes me here >

Hi again, thanks for the link. It certainly provided me with more information than going directly onto my local authorities website. I will be looking at this link again when the time comes for me to apply. I have such a lot going on at the moment (health wise) that I will need to do it when I have the energy to deal with them. Its ridiculous that ill people have to use up their precious energy to get their rights. hugs xx

Sorry to read your post Daz and disgusted with your Council. They do most certainly deserve a slap and maybe they should live in your shoes for a week or so and see how they feel then. Knowing you a fight will ensue and hopefully you will win but why do you have to keep on battling such stupid ignorance? It makes my blood boil! Good luck to you and let us know how you get on. Take care. xxxxx

When i was in another council area i was asked to go to review and the fact i turned up was a benchmark to removing the badge


A few points. Blue Badges are issued to a person, not a vehicle. The blue badge can be used in any vehicle that the person is traveling in. The privileges can only be claimed for the direct benefit of that person. If you receive the high rate mobility component of DLA or PIP, it should be awarded automatically. If you use oxygen for ambulatory assistance, they would be unlikely to refuse to issue one. Other cases are decided on each cases own merits. A recommendation from a GP or consultant should be sufficient, also, because a refusal could be seen as an affront to the integrity of a senior professional.

Hope this helps.


After telling the fools that it is a progressive debilitating disease, the nature of which means that some days you cannot even walk to your bathroom, put two thin straws in the envelope and suggest that the decision makers attempt to go about their normal duties for 30 minutes breathing only through the straws. This is what it feels like to be us! I did this and received my badge within 48 hours. Good luck. We have to keep fighting this ignorance and discrimination.

I have only read a few of the above but do know a little about Blue Badge. DLA does not entitle you to a badge and you do not need to own a car to possess one. Going to your GP may be a waste of time as at my last assessment GP's reports were no longer considered. I even know of a case where a one armed man was denied as he had no problem with his legs.

What you have to establish is that whatever your problem your ability to walk is restricted or you cannot walk. I am sure that many problems apart from those directly connected to your lower limbs may very well effect your ability to walk. That is what you need to concentrate on.

Incidentally if you know someone who is abusing the Blue Badge scheme then report it. We have massive problems with people parking cars with a badge and then seen to walk/run without a problem. That in turn bounces back on people such as yourself with genuine needs. The people who administer the Blue Badge are under strict criteria to ensure that EVERYONE deserving under the rules do get a badge. By the same token they are under strict instructions to immediately deny anyone who does not meet the strict rulings. So it is not the council or the people dealing with applications it's the government who are to blame.

Just keep replying until you get one.we have to fight sometimes,never give up!

Hmm, I really tested the BLUE Badge section of my Local Council when Applying for a Blue Badge - I ACTUALLY SENT AN X RAY PLATE OF MY LUNGS, TO THEM TO STUDY ! along with answering endless questions about my condition on their TWELVE PAGE APPLICATION FORM- needless to say, in their reply they said "NO ONE WAS AVAILABLE TO INTERPRET THIS INCLUSION " ( thats a nice way of putting it ! - not surprised ! - it would have COST THEM to employ a Radiographer to study the plate and supply a report on their findings , ( a pal of mine IS a Radiographer, and told me the Fee to the Council would have been fairly high" -AND I even gave them details where they could obtain a COPY of my MRN SCAN - now that would have cost them a packet I'me told - that too was politely declined. Councils ca'nt have it BOTH WAYS - if they want accurate details of our present state of health to award a Blue Badge - THEY MUST BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR IT !!!! --- Yes, eventually I DID GET THE BADGE !.

Fantastic, Vittorio, and thanks for making me burst out laughing!! Love it!!


Most councils are full of unqualified 'jobs-worths', there is usually a lot of corruption and self preservation as well.

They always contact your G.P. (in my area anyway) so if you can get him/her onside it usually helps a lot.

I am currently awaiting the outcome of my appeal for a blue badge and I suggest getting your M.P. Involved as they have both the diplomacy and clout to resolve the situation.Don,t have a go at the council until AFTER you get what you need.D.

What is excessive pain and how do they measure it? I had 4 cortisone injections in my shin many years ago. And on the first one my wife who was with me said the colour drained straight out my face and It really did hurt. After the 4th the doctor stated that "He has never seen anyone get to 4 without passing out before!" But it still was agony.

Stay at it Daz Got mine When I had 2 broken feet !but then straight after had severe breathing problem which have got worse so still have blue badges . Keep the pressure on with the appeal .best of luck

My local council will give you a blue badge if you have problems in walking they ask you to see the physiotherapist, you will automatically be given a blue badge if you claim DLA I think it is down to the local council but if you claim DLA they can not refuse you

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