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I don't know what stage emphysema I have and want to prepare for doctor, I struggle with any exertion get so panting need spiriva thanks

So confused got I really need to prepare for asking my doctor for direct answers as I seem to have been just left with inhalers and steroids. I get so out of breath doing stairs and I'm so confused with it all was given lung age of 76 year old not eating coughing non stop, bringing up mucus lost over two stone and scared. K

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Hiya Glitz,Firstly ask your g.p what stage of Emphysema you are..Mucadyne is a tab to clear all the gunk off the chest so well worth asking for it as it helps to cough it up..I stopped eating for a while and was perscribed health drinks with vitamins from my nurse..Well worth asking for if you are off your food and losing weight!Spiriva is good for sob but if you have Iprapropriam in nebs you shouldnt take the Spiriva as well as it affects the eyes..Take care and let me know how you get on Regards Laura


I have had everything thrown at me and left to treat myself, no monitering so any side effects I have to deal with alone! The meds cause wheezing I know that now. The weight gain from prednisalone is crazy 3stone is more than my bones can cope with ,I look like I'm having triplets!


I have been given fresubin but he don't like me having that cos I had it for 2 months, I will ask GP Monday and taking a friend with me to help me ask as I get a bit nervous! Thank you for reply Laura I will let you how I get on xx



Have a read of the following.

Typical inhalers are


Spireva. Taken once per day.

Seretide. Taken two times 250, twice per day.

Or. One times 500 twice per day.

Not to be used got sudden bouts of breathlessness .


Ventolin Taken two puffs as ans when required .

Remember breathlessness is part of the course, so you will better controlling your breathing, rather than reaching for inhalers (not easy)

Can you ask to be referred for a pulmonary rehablitation course.

It is a two hour twice weekly for six weeks.

One hour exercise one hour education.

If you go to the BLF website (click red balloon top right )

Go to publication there are lots of plain speaking information pamphlets to download


Thank you stone xx


I recently lost a bit of weight while I was ill in hospital. My doctor gave me a prescription for Complan so well worth asking yours about it. I get 20 on one prescription. That's 5 boxes with 4 sachets in each.


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