Well not looking forward to tomorrow at all. ! Got eye surgery scheduled for glaucoma .Got to at ward for 7 :30 that,ll be acheivement in itself. .Like everyone else l really struggle in mornin ....tabs, o2 ,nebs etc. ! Just bit aprehensive ..being done under local. Cant have general ....what joy. . Right had my winge put me sensible head on and get on with it. !!!!

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  • Hi sue, it is understandable you are not looking forward to tomorrow but I am sure it will be fine. Good luck with getting up and out to get to the hospital on time. Take care and wishing you well. xxxx

  • Thanks for reply ,im sure all will be fine. Just had bit of a blip. ! And if hubby says again "where we going to park ? " he,ll be the one needing eye surgery. !!

  • Quite right to have a bit of a winge yourself, that's what I say! 7.30am is pretty darn early after all though I reckon you'll get up and do all you need to do even if it is on auto pilot.

    You'll be glad when tomorrow is over and done with so for now sending you warmest wishes.

    Let us know how you got on...Lovelight xx

  • Hi Sue. I was the same with my cataracts. Worried myself to death and it turned out to be a piece of cake. No pain and no problems. I am sure you will be ok sweetheart.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • Wishing you good luck for tomorrow Sue. Sometimes I think waiting is the worst. Sure they will look after you well.

    Love cx

  • Good luck Sue. Your apprehension is understandable. I would be a nervous wreck. xx

  • Thanks all for the posative comments. I,m sure things will be fine not really worried about my eye,,,daft as it sounds. Just aprihensive about lieing down and not being able to breathe ... oh b<@$>r i,ll be fine my grandson just reminded me i be in a hospital with nurses andd docs around....not having it done in the middle of a shopping centre eh !!!!! He also said its not like you,ve never been in hospital before, no one been jn more than you. !! Out of the mouthes of children. !!

  • Oh how I love your grandson - you can always rely on kids for logic - I will remember I am not in a shopping centre next time they 'get me' - it will make me giggle if nothing else.

    love cx

  • Good luck for tomorrow Sue I am sure everything will be fine.

    polly xx

  • I think ur being very brave to go through with ur op,I was born with congenital cataracts and now starting to lose my sight because Im too scared to have it done under local anaesthetic

  • Goodness me thafs tough. ! They told me you cant feel or see anything ,but we,ve all heard that before. !!!! You got respiratory problems too. ?

  • Yes I have asthma ,had it for yrs,and suffer from anxiety too,iv asked them in the past if they will do it under general anaesthetic but they won't do it,my dad had glaucoma ,but never had an op,but that was a long time ago,I wish u all the best for tomorrow,when u feel up to it will u let me know how u got on ,I would really appreciate it if u would xxxx

  • Yeh will do ...they wouldnt do a general cos of my resp problems ,,asthma and bronciectasis and copd. I just think that they must have other patients like us so hey ho ....... thanks XX

  • Ok love thank you ,hugs xxxx

  • Understandable to be nervous,you're only human!

    Well Sue,I had both of mine done,within a few months of each other,& believe me,it was nothing to worry about,no pain etc.& it made a great difference to me,let us know how you go,good luck,hugs,love Wendells xxx

  • The very best of luck - just take your time, lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi Sue 48, good luck with the op and do tell us how you get on. My husband has early stage glaucoma and he is eye phobic. I am really worried that when the time comes for the op he will be terrified and not go. Hope all goes well for you. Take care Maximonkey

  • Will be thinking of you Sue,sure you will be fine.It,s like washing the dishes,the thought of it is much worse than the doing.lolGood luck.D.

  • Well job done and back home ....all went well and could,nt feel a thing or see what they were doing Back in morning check stitches. In eye ball ok Arghhhhhhhhhhhh ! Then back friday Feeling fine but look a bugger even got a parking space. !! Thanks all for you support. Xxx

  • Well done. Rest now do all they told you to do and no more. Good luck tomorrow. xx

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