well,......,its only human :)

one day a family bring their frail elderly mother to an old peoples home. they are concerned , but feel reassured that she is in good hands

the next morning, the nurses bathe her, feed her a hearty breakfast, then sat her on a chair overlooking a most beautiful garden.

she seems fine but after a while she slowly starts to lean over sideways in her chair.

two attentive nurses immediately rush up to catch her and straighten her up.

again there seems a little wrong, but after a while she starts to lean to the other side.

the nurses rush back and once more bring her back upright.

this dance continued all morning.

later the family arrive to see how the old woman is getting on in her new home

"so mummy, how are you getting on here? are they treating you well" they ask.

"oh yes" ,she replies, "its all very nice, good food, clean place, well attended to etc.etc,

then lowering her voice, she whispers.............

,,,,,,"except they wont let me fart" :) :)

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Ha Ha Ha. That's not the ending I expected at all. You caught me out there, I thought you were going to say she had died in her chair and the nurses just kept propping her up without noticing her demise! Good one. hugs xx

good one jimmy, xxx

We all do it don't we Jimmy, lean of course, what did you think I meant. :)

Jimmy ! How are you? Been thinking about you, hope your ok, it's turned blooming cold here, where's this heat wave they keep going on about ? By the way, good joke ! x x x

Nice to know you are still in fine fittle Jimmy. xxx

Hahaha, that really made me chuckle Jimmy

Lol Jimmy not what I expected. Good to see you. xx

Lovely to hear from you jimmy, so glad you are back. I see you are back to your normal great jokes. Keep them coming. xxxx

Ha Ha -I got wind of that home as well Jimmy !!!

Nice one Jimmy, one most of us can associate with, well I can at least. Funny as well.


Good one! keep them coming :)

Great jimmy, very funny! Hope you are doing ok. Take care. xxxx

Nice one Jimmy. Just one thing though, I was always taught that ladies didn't do that sort of thing. lol


I can assure you they do - frequently!

Aw Dragonmum, you have spoilt all my illusions now. What happened to a woman's air of mystery. lol


Great to hear from you Jimmy hope your ok xxx Judith xx

Hi Jimmy really enjoyed that.Hows you keeping at the moment I know you have been poorly are you on the recovery road now? Takecare :) Janxx

Ha Ha loved it Jimmy,that was a cracker,didn't expect that ending! Do hope you're feeling a little better,we've all missed you,hugs love Wendells xxxx

C&P'd this for my cousin who is in a really lovely home - where farting is encouraged! Thank you Jimmy.

Haha! that had me giggling Jimmy! very good and great to see you posting again,missed you! xxxx

lovely to hear from all my friends on the forum, ive been keeping slightly better of late, but the problem in feeling better is, makes you do too much, i have been trying to catch up on things , the garden etc, but finding it hard going, so im doing things a bit at a time [says me, sitting here aching all over:), im eating a healthier diet, no smoking at all, for a good while now, and early to bed, early to rise,[makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise ,, well i dont know about those three lol:) especialy the last one] and exercise, well, as much as i can, so hopefully i can carry on like that,

many thanks for your kind [and funny] remarks,,,, some of them put the wind up me ha ha , so remember, wherever you may be, just let your fart go free :) [my goodness , what a subject ha ha.] best regards to all you kind people ,,,jimmy xxxxx

That's sooo cruel. Ho HO

Lol very funny

thanks jpark. its great when we can laugh, not always possible, but good when you can,, best regards jp,, jimmy

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