Travel Insurance quote.

After your great advice I have been on the usual insurance web site's.

I got a quote for my family of 4, I added my COPD and answered all questions relating to it (honestly).

Family of four for the month of July going abroad was £22.50 all in.

Is that good.


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  • Wish mine was that cheap! My last one in 2011 was £65 for 2 weeks in Spain for me only! I had been quoted £135.00!!

  • Sounds amazing

  • I'm not sure what your age is but that seems like a fantastic deal. I am across the pond as I believe you say over there and here we don't get any medical questions until you are 60 and then the rates go way up as well. I think last year I paid over $100.

    Hope you have a nice holiday.

  • Lucky You ! Our annual insurance for two USA trips of 3 weeks each for My Wife and I cost £ 680. Up from £ 372 last year. Reasons, we are up an age group, now 76-78 and 70-72 years young. Wife is fit and beautiful. I have COPD, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. and broke a hip in January and am ugly ;-). Lots to insure so the premium is high, but still a rip off !

  • That's bargain, we paid £241 last year for 3 of us to go to Florida that was BEFORE I was diagnosed with COPD with just my Asthma on it, I believe it was around £110 just for mine alone .............I dread to think what it would be now with COPD added on

  • Well Done.

    Sounds good - but remember you really only find out how good they are when you have a claim.

  • what company is that ?

  • Hi 1968

    I would love to know the name of company.

    I have MS and Broncheichestis as well as high blood pressure and insurance very high

  • That seems a very good deal to me. I would like to know the name of the company too please. x

  • David, that is an excellent deal but do make sure you are fully covered. This does sound to good to be true but I know if you shop around there are bargains to be had in insurance. I paid £131 for an annual cover this year but I have other illness besides COPD and the amount of drugs we take has a bearing on insurance cost as well as age.

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