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Diagnosed with Asthma. Only sympton; out of breath on exercise. No "Attacks". Taking Pulmincort 100 x2/day. No change. Whats next?

I am otherwise in good shape, cycle, swim, walk. balanced diet, BMI 29 age 76. Check for Fibrosis ok, Lung capacity ok, Spirometery ok, Aortic valve changed, No allergys known. I am frustrated as there seems to be no one at GP surgery interested in any progress being made. Max vox test (to show breathing efficiency) apparently not an NHS option? Where do I go ?

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I think its fantastic that you are so active. However, you are still feeling short of breath. I am assuming that your aortic valve has been checked and that there is nothing wrong with your heart. Sometimes allergies can develop out of the blue, despite not being allergic to something all your life then you can become allergic to it. You have lots of tests which are clear. To be honest, and this is just my personal opinion as an asthma sufferer, I am a bit surprised that you were diagnosed with this condition with breathlessness being your only symptom. If you are not happy with the diagnosis, really the only thing you can do is get a second opinion. That could be from another GP in your practice or a Consultant. I am also wondering if perhaps you are overdoing it a bit, as you sound so active. I'm exhausted even thinking about it!! None of us are getting any younger and it could be that you need to slow down slightly. You could cut out one of your activities for a while and see if that makes a difference or not. If it does then you will have your answer I'm afraid. Only you know how you are feeling and I stress again get a second opinion if you are not happy. Take care, and keep plugging away until you get answers. Good luck. hugs xxx


Hi I had asthma for many years before being diagnosed with COPD as well. I used to attend my surgery once a year with an asthma nurse to check on it's progress and how I was getting on with my inhalers. You could ask if your doctors do the same where you are. x