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Fed up

Sorry to moan but I am just so tired and fed up. I have server copd extensive bullous ephasima and asma. I was referred to a specialist in January. Where they did loads and loads of test and was told they would send an appointment to see me again in 4 weeks I am still waiting. I have had to be admitted to hospital and on two occasion while I have been waiting due to infections and both times they have said my condition is very severe and I really need to be seen and need help they have evern wrote to the specialist and told them this and still nothing. I applied for pip 10 months ago and I am still waiting for a decision I only applied as my doc told me I have to slow down. Everything is getting so difficult by the time I Finnish work all I won't to do is get in bed and sleep all I do at weekends is sleep as I am generally to tired to get out of bed after I have done a week's work. I just don't know what to do anymore

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Hiya James,I know exactly where you are coming from and its a horrible disease! I admire the fact you are still working surprised really as I cant walk my hallway on a bad day!I have severe Emphysema Asthma and anxiety and depression due to breathlessness and tiredness..You should be under a specialist and hopefully copd nurses who will help you with your condition..I like you have been admitted to hospital on numerous occasions with exacerbations and chest infections ,and each time these knock you down further.I am in gold stage Emphysema and have been through all the motions of pulmonary rehab,different medications but that "fed up" feeling always stays with you..I am now awaiting a lung reduction operation to improve the quality of my life...

I really feel for you,and here if ever you need to chat bless..Regards Laura

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please call the BLF helpline at 10am tomorrow.

They are the experts and can advise you on what to do next..

Have'nt they got rules about not letting people wait longer than 6 weeks.

You are very patient, I'd have started ringing them after 5 weeks!

All the best to you xxx

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Morning James 1512

I would call the hospital & ask to speak to your consultants secs ratty explain the situation to her & ask if story can call you back as to what is happening , keep pestering them until they do ,

Do you have a hot clinic at your hospital ?

As your GP can send you there if you are poorly it's a next day appointment .

I would also chase up your pip too,

Go speak with someone in citizens advice also ask for a Assement on yourself & your needs the local council should be able to help you

Good luck hope you get it sorted .

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Oh James - that sounds miserable. I would recommend you telephone the BLF helpline (click on the red balloon in the corner) - I am sure they will be able to give you practical advise on how to get to the specialist. Please go back to your Doctor too and tell him/her the situation and ask for help. Good Luck TAD xx

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i do hope you get to see the specialist soon, you would think as you have been in hospital twice he would come up and see you. good luck and i hope you will feel better soon.



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