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Bluebells and sun on the Malverns

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My first blog disappeared into computer oblivion so 2nd attempt coming up, Dam windows lock up!!!!

This is the shortened version so your all spared, lucky for you eh'

It was time to get out with my coolpix and snap the bluebells on the side of the Malverns before they are swallowed up by the hill fern. I was not alone when I reached the place as there was lots of others with the same idea all snapping away in the sun.

I hope my pic will cheer up those of you who struggle to get out, its not the same as being there but its the best I can do.

Tony. Remember Healthunlockeders on days like today its great to be alive en it' :)

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Hi, you must be psychic...I was just wondering if you were well and thinking about the bluebells and your blossoming orchard! Thanks for the photo...the bluebells have been wonderful this year.

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peege in reply to knitter

my thought exactly Knitter so I'm very pleased toswith on and find young Tony's bluebells on the Malverns. Just the ticket xxx

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dall05 in reply to knitter

Those bluebells have been brilliant haven't they, I think I've timed my return to exercise very well eh knitter.

Tony x

Hi, thanks for your lovely picture. I don't know about you or anyone else on this forum, but when I see creation, I am always lifted by it and the beauty, and power of it. Just think all those bluebells came from a seed and became a lovely form of creation. Thanks for sharing your photo. Hugs xxx

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dall05 in reply to huggs

When my batteries are running low its time to plug into nature, its amazing the energy that can come from it. Glad you enjoyed the post Hugs. Tony xxx

Not much communicating from me at the present, but felt I had to comment on thise beautiful bluebells. Thanks so much for sharing x

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dall05 in reply to pergola1

Thanks Annie hope your well, we all have a break from posting for one reason or another. The main thing is were all here for each other and help in any way we can when we can eh'

I'm glad the bluebells caught your eye, won't be to long now till strawberries and cream, Robinsons and Wimbledon starts. I still dream of playing again one day on a Sunday Morning at my local club and who knows, never say never.

Tony xx

What a beautifull pick ....i can smell them .hmmmmmmmmmmml. !

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dall05 in reply to sue48

They are great arn't they but your right about the smell too. All part of the Malvern Hills experience. :)

Tony x

Bluebells and May - fabulous! Loverly pic Mr. D :) xx

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dall05 in reply to scrobbitty

Thanks L, great time of year isn't it. The treadmill is in the garage and the real stuff can take over now. :)

Tony xx

Oh what a picture comes alive as I look at it Tony. It has captured nature and your own personality. Beautiful.

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dall05 in reply to Suzy6

Me and nature get along just fine Suzy6, especially when the sun is shinning. :)

Tony xx

Dall thanks SO MUCH for the photo, I LOVE bluebells, and that photo is awe inspiring..I love it

Thanks again

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dall05 in reply to Sohara

Keep talking Sohara, awe inspiring! I like that. :) a lot. Ha Ha.

Tony xx

Right now I would like to be strolling down the path on the left, fab picture.

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dall05 in reply to SusieQs

strolling down sure beats struggling up doesn't it. Thanks Susie

Tony x

Beautiful xxx

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dall05 in reply to tigershay1

Well worth a post me thinks. Thanks ts1.

Tony x

Oh, Tony, that certainly hits the spot! Many thanks. Glad to see you are out and about. Take care. x

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dall05 in reply to Toci

I'm glad your spot has been hit Toci, and yes its great to be out and about again walking and snapping as I go. I don't take well to sitting around to much, I need fresh air and open spaces, as you can probably tell.

Tony x

the Bluebells this year around the Wye Valley & borders are the best I've seen in the past 62-years ...... it's a truly stunning sight.

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dall05 in reply to out-for-lunch

The conditions are just right all round it seems. I've never seen so many people taking photo's at this spot before and its not difficult to see why, its a mass of colour.

What a lovely picture - bluebells have a sentimental meaning to me - loved them - thank you. cx

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dall05 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Glad you enjoyed the bells as much as I did cofdrop. Tony :)

Ah...what a glorious scene Tony. So glad that you managed to get there :)

English bluebells are among my favourite flowers, especially when growing with primroses. As children, mum used to take us to the woods next to my grandparents cottage to pick a few bunches for people who couldn't get to see them in person. Thanks for sharing the picture and bringing back the memory. Lovelight xxx

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dall05 in reply to

There is a wood near to dads cottage where bluebells and primroses grow along side each other so I know exactly what your saying Lovelight. The good thing about digital cameras and computers is you can share the pics in seconds all around the world and not a single flower needs to be picked.

so pleased my pic brought back some great memories for you. Tony xxx

Lovely picture Tony, nice to know you are well enough to get out and about too.

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dall05 in reply to katieoxo60

The fresh air and bluebells gave me a real boost so I thought I would send out some positive vibes for all who need a bit of a lift. Thanks Katie

Tony x

What a beauty!

I have to wait ages sometimes for Google to appear. then it goes black and it says: something wrong with this site! You bet!

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dall05 in reply to helingmic

Computers eh' they can be so frustrating and yet amazing at the same time. Its great that you can take a pic and post it on here in minutes for all to see but sometimes a lot of time and effort can disappear in the blink of an eye and nobody knows where its gone!!

Glad you liked my pic hm.

lovely, cheered me up.

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dall05 in reply to needtobreathe

My hope was my pic would spread some cheer, mission accomplished :)


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