I had a mri on my neck because my little finer and ring finger has gone numb the doc said it could be a trapped nerve any way doc rang me and said i had slipped disk at c5 he said i don't think they will go strait on and operate he asked when i had to go and see neurologist told him the next day he said they will tell you more , went to see neurologist and he said everything was fine just a bit of fluid around the spine .i am getting told 2 different things

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  • Oh dear,lack of communication there! However the Neurologist would be the top guy I imagen,& would give the final go ahead.

    Go back & ask the Doc. To explain xx

  • Going to go and see doc Tuesday see where he got that from i was panicking when he told me that

  • I would go with the specialist.

  • I had a disc slip. and fluid around the spinal cord. I panicked, but after having the operation to fuse together 3 vertebrae in my neck ( bone taken from hip bone ) I was really glad that I went ahead with it. As soon as I woke up from the operation I was pain free and I have never had a problem since, my neck still moves just the same as it always did, there are zero restrictive movements, my arms still go above my head, in fact apart from a couple of small faded scars on my neck and hip there is nothing to say I had it done.

    The point is, either way if you get the right diagnosis and they do decide to operate don't panic, things will be OK !!

  • Typical, that's about right. ask them both if you can see your report and for them to explain the diagnosis.

  • Hi I have had both carpal tunnel done a few years later the pins and needles came back it is now traveling up my arm and in my feet, I have budging discs in my lower back I wish you luck I hope they can help you

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