Dustbunny Meets Cancer, The Continuing Saga

Hello my friends, this is the continuing saga of my recent cancer diagnosis. It's getting good! In the last episode, I left off where I was going to see the surgeon last Wednesday. Well, he told me that he didn't see any spreading of the cancer from the tests they ran, but could not see the lymphnodes in my trachea soooo...He scheduled me for surgery on Friday last, and did another Bronchoscopy and Stenoscopy. It was done on an outpatient basis, so I was home after about 8 hours. I was told by the doctor that the cancer had not grown, and he did not think the lymphnodes were affected at all. The tests were not back yet, but he was pretty confident they were okay. So, now we can start treatments of Radiation and Chemotherapy as soon as the end of next week! The doctor also seems to think even more so now, that I have a very good chance of getting rid of the tumor and saving my left lung. It may even reinflate once the tumor starts to shrink, as most of it is flat, both part of the upper and lower lobes. I haven't had a good amount of air in the left lung since last October, so I am really praying this works. I would love to take a deep breathe, on both sides! My neck and chest is quite sore, but nothing a little pain medicine and ice can't cure, but my confidence is much higher now that I've received this news from the doctor. Thanks for listening to me go on about myself, it helps me get excited about the good parts of this, and takes my mind off the bad. If you want to see what happens next, let me know in a comment. I'll be happy to talk about myself haha :) But mostly, I love talking to all of you in the comments, you've all been so supportive!!

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  • Hi dustbunny that was a lovely good news post and even tho I don't know you I'm happy for you. May you condition continue to improve, I shall watch out for your posts

  • Thank you nanaber! I'm still pretty new here, but I love this place, and all the wonderful people that are so willing to help and listen to me go on - like you! :)

  • What wonderful news to hear. I pray that this positive news will continue. Take care. xxxx

  • Thank you, mustcarryon, and God Bless :)

  • Yes, going to make it my life's mission because I - mustcarryon also! Thank you love!

  • I am horribly fascinated by your story but how are you coping wih it, how do you feel about it?

  • Surprisingly well, Eve3066. My sister told me when I first found out and was flattened that if I give in to the bad feelings, and moping and not eating and not going out for fresh air (all of that) that I would just be feeding the cancer. All the bad I do would feed the bad, but all the good I do and feel, will make me stronger to fight it. To think my sister and I used to argue all the time, now I don't know what I'd do without her. I am scared, but I refuse to let it get the best of me ;)

  • That's really good news, you have cheered up my day by your sunny attitude, keep positive that is the best medicine

  • You cheered me too, thomas8, just by leaving me a message! I guess we're good for each other! Please stop by again! I think you can make "friends" on this site, but I haven't quite figured out how yet. Mind if I add you and everyone else to the list?

  • That's great news Bunny ! Keep us all informed.

  • Hi Puff! I most certainly will do that, thanks for stopping by!

  • That's great news. I'm sure your positive attitude has helped you. Relax now for a while and gather your strength. Good luck.

  • That's exactly what I am doing today too, relaxing. It was the first day I could bathe after the surgery, so I took advantage and soaked in a nice hot bubbly tub of Lavender. Felt wonderful, but now I feel a nap coming on> Is it possible to overdo lazy? Thanks for the well wishes Suzy6

  • How exciting for you,you must be over the moon! Very happy to hear you have done so well! Take it easy, & build that strength up! All good wishes for the future,hugs,love Wendells xxx

  • I am very happy to hear such positive news, yes! I know the hard part is coming, but I'm ready. Hope I can continue to keep smiling, but your kind words really help Wendells, Thank you!

  • This is wonderful news bunny ( I hope you don't mind me calling you that. :). )

    You have such a verve & sparkle for life I am sure this positive attitude is helping you through

    Love sohara

  • You can call me anything you want, sohara my friend, as long as it's nice hahaha :) I have to keep my chin up, I have to win this war! Thank you for the compliment and kind words. I hope you stick around to see how the story ends!

  • glad to hear your news, will wait to hear more ,good wishes sue

  • Yes Ma'am susiecue62, I can't wait to give you more good news! Thanks for the well wishes - take care!

  • Positive news from some one that has positive thoughts. Great attitude to have go with it head on. I try to have the "better to know and live with it" than "not know and worry of the unknown"

    Be Well

  • Yeah Offcut, I can't very well ignore it as if it isn't there, we found it early for a reason, to give me a fighting chance, so that's what I have to do. Many people don't get this chance, so I feel blessed already. You be well also, and stop by again when the next chapter comes out! hehe :)

  • Hi Dustbunny I agree that is a lovely post so positive and hopeful. Keep up the good spirits and keep us all updated. All the best xx

  • I will be happy to keep you updated and will try to keep a happy thought everyday. We need to work on you though, I'm sorry you have a name like coughalot1, that can't be good. Maybe we can get you feeling better so you can change your name to justalittletickleinthethroat1? haha Thanks for the kind word coughalot1 XX :)

  • Hi dustbunny, I hope the good news keeps on coming. Good luck with the treatments.

    Love Mandy xx

  • Thank you Mandy (Bugs for short - I love Bugs Bunny) Please send as much good luck as possible. I have a lot of hair on my head that I would kind of like to keep, so I figure every well wish is equal to 1 sq. cm of hair(?) I don't know, but it sounded good...Anyway, Thanks! :)

  • So pleased for you - great attitude which helps so much.

  • Yup, I'm trying Dragonmum. Can't give in now, the fight has just begun. Thank you for stopping by and wishing me well!

  • keep fighting it dustbunny,,wishing you wellxxx

  • Thank you twiceshy3 for the kind word, always need more of that! Thanks!!

  • yur welcome,mi best wishes to you,keep on going,xxx

  • Thats wonderful! Are you breathing better?

  • Hi tototo, not just yet. The tumor is actually on the main bronchial tube that leads into the left lung and splits off to the upper and lower lobes, and it's weighing down the tube. Both parts of the tube are affected, so I have a little air in the lower lobe and almost nothing in the upper. I'm on oxygen right now, but the doctor seems to think that once the tumor starts melting away, my left lung should come back, which is what I am praying for. If this doesn't work, they can still do surgery, but there's a good chance I would lose my lung. As I said before though, the Doctors all seem to think this can be remedied with chemo and radiation, and that's what I'm going for! Say a prayer this works!

  • Prayers all round Dustbunny :) xxx

  • Great news. Keep us updated. I will be thinking of you and hope that you feel better soon. X

  • Thanks alanjudy. The way I figure it, I might get through this and maybe enjoy a little bit of the summer too (would be nice anyway) but time is not the important thing here. Just getting it done right is what we want. I'll post my updates as I get them, Thanks for asking!

  • That's great news Dustbunny, Bravo, I've been wondering how you've been getting on.

    Stay as strong and positive as you are. :D

  • Hiya peeg! Chin's up and ready for the fight. This story will have a happy ending if I have anything to say about it :)

  • Yes well done I wonder if I could be so positive. It s great as well when family are around to help. Good luck

  • Yes, and funny how things like this change people too, for the better. It's all good :)

  • Sorry I am sort of revisiting my own situation when my brother was in what sounds like the same situation as you and I looked after him. I am afraid it had brought back memories for me.

  • Oh I see. I was hoping that maybe I could help someone else be a little more positive in a bad situation, but everyone's story is so different. There are way too many variables. You have to do what you think is right and work as hard as you can at it, and that's all you can do. When I get nervous or scared, I tend to try to make light of the situation, sometimes to the point where people ask me if I am truly understanding what I'm up against. I know full well what is happening, and I have no control over that part of it, but I do have control of my feelings, and I can makes choices regarding them. I have to do the best I can or I would feel I hadn't tried at all. I don't know what happened to your brother, but when my mum had breast cancer I couldn't laugh for her much back then, she was devastated by the cancer and having part of her body removed. It was a different situation. All I did was try to keep things as normal as possible, and do a little extra on the days she felt ill from the chemo. She survived, and lived to the age of 80, I just lost her in January of this year. (getting teary eyed thinking of her) but at any rate, I did the best I could do for her. My hubby helps me with everything. I never thought he had so much caring for a person in him as what he's shown me. Gosh Eve3066, I could go on and on...did any of that make sense? I just wanted to say do your best!

  • Inhaler.

    Hi Dustbunny.

    I always said I would never use one of these sites, but was stuck on knowing what to do about a problem one day, so took the plunge.

    Well all I can say it it's the best thing I have done for a long time, when I get all the answers support and advise from people who are actually going through the same things it as though you have an emergency line at your fingertips..

    I do wish you all the best with your treatment and hope to get regular updates. X

  • That's exactly how I felt at first inhaler1! I was a little concerned that I was getting misleading advice, when in fact I learned things my doctors never told me about and should have! This is just from the regular people on this site, and they always back up their info. I've never tried calling the helpline where you can speak with the nurses, mainly because I haven't had to yet, I've gotten everything I need just by putting my questions out there. Then, talk about supportive! I had been talked down out of a frenzy a couple of times here, we all have the same fears here. It really is a small world. Well I'm glad you found a place you can count on, and I'm glad you stopped by to tell me about it. I hope you stick around! I plan to :)

  • Felt I had to share this with you Dustbunny as I only just remembered it - it was 30 years ago, sorry 40! Time flies!

    There was a great member of our PTA who did all the discos for the kids, great organiser but he smoked like a chimney and was diagnosed with lung cancer in his 30's. Needless to say he quit smoking mighty fast - can't recall what treatment he had, but he survived until a few years back, leading a full and happy life and enjoying being a Grand-dad. He had a fatal heart-attack while climbing a very steep hill - not a bad way to go! Enjoy Bank Holiday and stay positive (I know you will).

  • Hmm, I don't know what happened to this, but I replied to you and then my comment was gone - Poof! So, I'll answer again, and if you see it twice, that's why...I am hoping to also see my grandkids even though I don't have any yet, and I had also planned to have the weight loss surgery done this August, just had to wait for insurance to take over for that. I had every intention of getting good and healthy, but never quit smoking because I thought I would gain more weight. How wrong I was...now I get lung cancer, and looking at my weight over the last year and a half, I've been almost exactly the same the whole time. Haven't even gained anything in the last month and a half since I did finally quit! There truly is absolutely no good reason to smoke. Why was I so stubborn? Ah, well, hindsight I guess. Thanks for the story Dragonmum, that got me thinking! I will do my best to stay positive - till next time, cheers!

  • Hindsight is 20/20 dustbunny, few of us have that but not all of us pay the price! I smoked like there was no tomorrow - and there very nearly wasn't. I've been "good" for over 4 years now, but it's a hard habit to break. Stay off them it's the best thing you'll ever do.

  • Yes, I am going to give it my all, but what really sickens me, is the fact that I saw my x-rays, I know I have cancer, I am on oxygen, and I know they will kill me, but I'll be damned if I don't get a craving in the morning when I have coffee. Such a horrible addiction, that was so socially acceptable when I was growing up. Hindsight is right, makes me sad though...

  • That C word scares the life out of most people I was totally shocked when I found out I had COPD we cope and live with this every day it makes us stronger, we have our moments when we moan but we don't have cancer. I am so pleased the you are having the treatment and it starts soon I'm sure there will be times during this treatment where you ask yourself is this worth it we are always hear for you and before you know it the treatment will be over. I would like to wish you all the very best wishes for the treatment and I hope everything turns out well for you take care xx

  • Thank you so much onamission, I really needed to hear that. It's easy to be positive when things are going as planned, but I haven't really had too many problems yet, so it could change. It's good to know I have some place to go and talk to people. As far as having COPD and complaining, don't ever think it's any less of a potential killer. I had COPD before I got cancer, and I know what it's like to be so out of air, to be sick and have to take medication constantly to the point where you wonder which makes you feel worse, the drugs or the COPD. They'll both get you in the long run, except one hangs on and does it a little more slowly than the other. We all have to stay positive, what good would it do to live the life we do have being depressed and worrying over what comes next. Vive pro die. Good health to you :)

  • I worked for many years NHS permanent night shift paid shed loads of tax, unable to work because of this bloody COPD now level 4 can't get benefits so I'm going to take my pension when I reach the age of 67 then I'm going to live till I'm 185 to get back all the tax I paid and if I die before I'm coming back to no 10 Downing street to haunt all the MP's who gave Atos the contract, that's what keeps me going xx

  • Haha!! Well that explains your name (onamission)! I hope you do live to 185, and believe me, I thought of a few that I would like to haunt myself. Funny what one thinks about sometimes, but it keeps one going :D

  • Thanks for update, Dustbunny. I think your attitude speaks volumes to those who sometimes feel everything is hopeless. Either way, you must be a very easy patient to care for, with your positive thinking...... If you have to lose your hair, it is a very small price to pay, for a better quality of life. Make sure you are getting some good rest in between posting all these replies too. Wishing you, continuing success with your treatment, and I have everything crossed for you.x

  • Yes, I think about all I can do right now is sleep, but I'm not too worried about it yet, I have a feeling my body knows it's got a fight coming, so all I want to do is sleep. I have to make myself get up and walk outside a bit so I don't get achy from lack of movement. With my hair, well, my hair is one of my assets, we all have our things that make us who we are, like, big brown eyes, or thick brown hair, or a perfect bum (haha, all not me, except for the hair, maybe) but an asset none the less. If I didn't have the hair, I would be sad, but you're right, it's hardly anything to worry about if it comes down to saving my life. Thanks for wishing me well, looks like I'll be starting the treatments after the 13th, I just got a call from the Oncologist and that was the soonest she could get me in.

  • good luck Dustbunny :) will keep a look out for your up dates ..Jan xx

  • Thank you Jan! I should have more to post in about a week, that's when the next appt. is with the Oncologist.

  • glad to hear your good news hope the treatment goes well

  • Thank you goldcrest, I'm actually looking forward to getting started, I'll be that much closer to getting well :)

  • Well dustbunny what a cheery soul you are. Reading your posts to people on here I was surprised to see how similar your replies were regarding being positive and looking at the brighter side of my problems were like mine.

    Like you, People thought that I too was unable to accept the fact that I had an inoperable Cancer and that I would eventually die.

    Of course I knew I had the Cancer but that didn't mean that it was time to quit, instead I refused to let it destroy my mind with fear, I respected my problem and did not treat it lightly.

    Six years later here I am in my eighties trying the same tactics with my Emphysema, not quite so successfully though, but I still am well and truly alive.

    Wishing all the best with your treatment and keep that wonderful sense of humour going full time.


  • Oh Allan! You're in your eighties! That is an accomplishment right there, and I'm sure that keeping a good attitude had everything to do with it. If we feel like curling up into a ball and dying, we eventually will, and I don't want to do that. This is just a speed bump on the road of life (as I like to put it) and I'm not even going to slow down that much for it if I can help it.

    You are one tough cookie, Allan, you empower me. I am sorry you're having problems now with Emphysema on top of everything else, always seems that when it rains, it pours, but I'll be adding you to my prayers and asking God that he will at least keep you comfortable and happy even though you deserve much more. Then, who knows, I may start my treatments and want to start whining, so don't go too far, I might have to hunt you down for a good pep talk! Take care Allan

  • hi dust bunny wish you all the best luck in the world am sure you will win however would suggest you log onto justeatwell.com and read peter juster story it will help maybe?

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