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Hi I posted about mild or moderate copd and had good advice. I have been back to Docs and asked what FEV1 reading was it is 74% and GP said it is mild. I was out of breathe after cycling 2 milds so she has changed my inhaler to symibicort twicw a day and Spiriva in the morning. been out on bike again and did 2 miles no problem so seems to be OK. I have had a bit of upper back pain now and again but think this is muscular. sorry for rambling just wanted to thank you for the advice you all gave me. Anyone newly diagnosed this is a great site for info, I was only diagnosed 4 months ago and was in shock but gradually getting my head around it x

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hi i was also diagnosed in jan with mild copd ,,im on symbicort twice a day and ventolin if needed which i dont very often,ive just joined a gym to keep myself fit,,hope you stay well,x

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Good to hear you are fit and well long may you stay mild!! Glad you have been able to come to terms with your diagnosis. It is so difficult. My husband has been taking symbicort for about eight years and has found it very effective. Good luck a TAD xx


So glad you've come to terms with it,it is a bit of a shock at first! Take care,& you will remain at the stage you are,for a long while.Good luck xx


Out of breath after cycling 2 miles !!!! Wow I am out of breath just reading about that :). :)

I am happy for you that your COPD is so mild. & now you have found this site you can learn how to prevent or at least slow any further decline.

Love sohara

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