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Was wondering. Now I've stopped smoking do I really need to continue taking my pumps for COPD?


I use atrovent and seretide pumps. I'm moderate COPD with lung age of 76 years. Not sure where asthma ends and COPD starts to be honest but My asthma/COPD is present everyday but not as bad as when I smoked. I can live with it without pumps. Do I need to take my pumps still?

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Hi Tezar, You, unfortunately will always have copd and asthma. You must take your inhalers everyday as prescribed by your doctor unless they tell you otherwise. If you stop taking them the progression of your copd will be quicker, you will pick up infections very easily and your cough will come back or be worse than it is now. I have had asthma for around 10-12 years and after a while I decided I knew better than the doctors and took myself of both of my inhalers. I found out very quickly it was the wrong thing to do. I now have copd as well, although I have never smoked and I am on Spiriva for that, and the difference it has made to me is like night and day. I would not stop it for anything. However, well done and good for you on giving up smoking, which must have been hard. If you keep off smoking, take your medication, exercise as you can and eat a well balanced diet you will probably feel even better than you do now. If you take yourself off your medication without medical supervision you run the risk of going backwards quite quickly. The damage to your lungs cannot be undone but if you take your inhalers then that helps slow the progress. Please, for your own sake don't do this without consultation with your GP. Good luck and take care. hugs xxx

You mustnt stop like Hugs says ....im on atrovent and ventilin plus 2mg steroids daily this seems to be working (touch wood !!) Winter is my bad time in summer im quite well but since my last bulk of infections since before xmas its taking me a lot longer to get back to normal but im getting there all be slower than normal. Keep taking your meds look after yourself to keep infection free xxx


I agree 100% with the advice given. You mustn't stop taking your meds. Well done for giving up smoking, that is absolutely fantastic. Big pat on the back. x

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