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Dual Flow Concentrators


I have been on home concentrator for about 3 months now. Yesterday my wife was assessed as also needing home oxygen. I know that there are dual flow machines so instead of having 2 concentrators, difficult to site 2, is it possible to have a dual flow? I know that each outlet can be set to different rates, I am on 4 l/m and my wife will be on 2l/m.

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I would have a word with your oxygen team or provider.

As your wife is only on 2 lpm

An alternative system may be better, they do a transportable unit, which can be used at home or out side,

They also do a portable unit will can also be used as above, but much lighter and can be used for Ambulatory needs, which you have not mentioned.

The problems with duel flow is the tubes being tangled.

Hello I have 4 oxygen cylinders a concentrator us a big cylinder bk up I spine to my oxygen nurse they sorted it as I was having it delivered all the time so much easier have also had extra lengths of tuning so I can get about the house

Good luck

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So how does this answer apply to the original question about a dual flow concentrator?

PaperMan36 in reply to Hidden

Prob don't was just saying what type I am on

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