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Just been told I have COPD, I also have Asthma

Hi I'm new to this site I have suffered with Asthma for the last 10 years or more, just last week I was diagnosed as early stage COPD, I had a chest infection for the last two weeks, I have been given two different types of antibiotics, which have helped, I had a chest xray, blood tests, and sputum tests waiting for the results of these. I still seem to have alot of clear thick mucus on my chest which I can not clear from my chest or throat, it is very bad at night, I have been using my asthma pump to try and help but last night it did not help at all, can any one advice the best way of clearing the mucus or is this a flare up of the COPD?

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Hi Ashford, welcome to the site. You'll learn a lot to help your condition.

A lot of us here use Carbosystiene (Mucodyne) to loosen the mucus. They're really good so do ask your GP for a prescription, they do help. They take a few weeks to kick in but worth the wait. Good luck to you - hopefully others will be along soon to tell you of their mucus clearing techniques. P


Welcome Ashford. As peeg says, ask for Mucodyne. It works for me.

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Hello and good morning, My husband suffers with severe COPD and when he is getting over an infection he has trouble clearing the mucous. If you have a nebuliser at home - you can use saline solution in it which really helps. Also he uses a flutter pipe which helps too. He has got mucodyne in the cupboard but hasn't used it yet. Please got back to your doctor and ask for some help. Might be an idea to ring the BLF helpline (click on red balloon) - they may also be able to give you some advise which could help when talking to the doctor. Take care, TAD xx


i have the same problem wish i new the answer.i have had it for over 10 year.


Hi Ashford and a very warm welcome to our site. Mucus is a problem when you don't cough it up, but help is at hand with a special exercise called ACBT ( Active C)cycle of Breathing Technique). This exercise helps you with coughing up. do it especially in the morning and, say a bit before you feel tired and want to go to bed. This will help you have a calm night. If, at first, it doesn't work keep at it. You could also put a few pillows so your head is supported a bit higher than normal and stop the mucus draining out during the night.

Here's the video from Youtube :

Do it gently so you don't damage your muscles.


AURVEDA (Indian medicine) TRIPHALA CHURNAM, to be taken with honey early morning with empty stomach

removes any sort of mucous.needs a long time rteatment,may be an year.but sure shot and permanent


ashford4 I have one important question for you ,do you smoke ?.I stopped last year and my problem with getting up mucus went away altogether after a few weeks of stopping.I exersize the muscles in between the ribs ,every day .Thats with 1 kilo weights ,if you have none a washing up bottle with water or sand will do .Sit up straight on a chair and bring your arms up to the shoulders and back down ,repeat for one minute and rest for one minute ,then do the same but with your hands starting at the front .There are other positions but I am sure if you look on this site you will find them or ask your Doctor .Good Luck to you .thomlin


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