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To all you heavy breathers out there, and listening to your comments (and my feelings to!) I have started a petition up to get the DWP to be more responsible. The petition is below.


We need a lot of signatures to get the government to act....Like every marathon it starts with the first step !!! and I've just taken it so please don't let me down !! Show me your support to help thousands of struggling frustrated people


For the "Department of Works & Pensions to Set time scales for handling DWP & PIP Claims"

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

Here's why it's important:

It would appear that since the Government changed the policies and welfare reform system, the main people it is affecting is the vulnerable people in poor health, and yes I appreciate that there is an element of individuals out there have been caught abusing the system, but it has no bearing on the vulnerable people who are struggling and need help IMMEDIATELY.

The government put performance time scales on almost everything, how long you wait for an appointment at your doctors, how long before you see a consultant, how long before you wait for treatment etc, but when it comes to the Department of Work & Pensions, (DWP) and Personal Independent Living Policy, (PIP), it appears that those departments can just ‘plod on’ at their own leisure, leaving the applicants, who are generally in poor health, in dire and serious consequences as a result. Whilst the DWP decide what to do. A lot of the applicants have serious health and welfare issues, some, with debilitating conditions and terminal illnesses.

Waiting for your application to be processed has no timescale attached, and even if you have to wait for 6 months, which is a relatively quick response and far from the norm, it may not seem to be a major issue to the people processing the claim, but it is no fun if your suffering whilst the DWP is pondering on a decision. Once a decision has been made, a HIGH % of decisions are appealed against, due to the Governments inept attempts of saving money.

Claimants have to wait for their Court of Appeal to be heard, which due to the increased backlog of appeals can be a considerable amount of time. Waiting on a decision that effects their everyday living and circumstances.

I propose that the Government, namely the DWP should set time scales for each case to be resolved, within 6 months of application and should claims go to an appeal, that appeal should be heard and resolved within 6 months of the appeal being submitted. Although 6 months may not seem long for the average person, but if you are disabled or terminally ill, 6 months is a precious amount of time to wait and it is time people with deteriorating health can ill afford to lose?

So please join me in my petition to ask the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP,) ‘THAT IT IS ABOUT TIME’, they got their act together and sorted out the system once and for all, and to be responsible, like all other agencies to resolve issues within a certain timeframe window– thank you for your support.

You can sign my petition by clicking here.


owen jackson

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Have tried twice and but not managed yet. Will keep trying!


Managed it. x


done good luck with it.



Interesting, my claim including reconsideration took less than 14 weeks, why would I or anybody else which to wait six months?

There are issues which need to be resolved, but placing a time limit longer then the present, is not the answer.

Claimants also make errors, which delay any decision.

Decision makers make errors or fail (as in my case) to perform there duties.

The actions of ATOS and there decision to no longer continue as and will cause concern for some time to come.

Whether we agree or disagree reforms are here to stay.


I think 6 months is far too long. One month would be long enough. x

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I have just signed your petition in support of better handling by DWP of cases in a reasonable time scale, good luck with raising more signatures.


I've signed it and also shared it on facebook


Thanks for signing and most of all for sharing...There's a long way to go


Just signed Plumbob. Thank you for doing this for us! (I personally can't complain as I got my PIP within 5 weeks of applying. You could have knocked my down with a feather! I was expecting it to be many months!)

Regards Sara


Signed. Good luck with it.


Hi Plumbob, I have signed your petition and I would like to wish you all the best with it. Good luck hugs xx


Signed and good luck with it, take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)




Thank you, to all the well wishes and comments. It is only a start of the journey but it's something that I feel strongly about and there are many others (from reading posts) feel the same way.

I counted up I have been waiting for a response from 6 Governing Bodies (not necessarily government) to enable me to put my life in some sort of direction (They are pushing to build a housing estate and main road within 10 metres of my front door which at present is just fields!!) So it's a shame and waste of my energy having to shout to try and get a response from organisations, when i should be doing things with my life while I can .... Rant Over?

I will keep posting the link to ensure as much exposure as possible - Please pass it onto your friends and neighbours....

Again Many Thanks for your support


I was told I had not paid enough NI But I had worked before losing my job for many years. It took me 5 months to get the HMRC to agree and confirm that I had paid my NI. I then still had to wait for the DWP to agree that the info I sent from the HMRC was correct. It then took a further 7 months for my appeal and they then stopped my money as 365 days days had past and I had not won my appeal at that time. After winning my appeal it then took another 6 weeks to agree the courts decision and pay the money into a closed bank account! Even though I had informed them on the phone and in writing of the changes on one of their forms. It was many phone calls, letters and finally getting my MP on the case I got paid!



Signed with pleasure and thanks for starting this worthwhile petition.Unfortunately I have a feeling it will take a change of government to achieve our wish.I.D.S. Is an evil man with no compassion who has wasted a lot of our money and our prescious time.D.


Plumbob I have wanted to do this for ages I have also asked my MP David Wright {labour} to support us but nothing I will sign it and pass it on to all thank you so much xx


signed. I don't need it any more since I'm 65, but my wife will be reassessed for PIP to replace the DLA. She is mentally ill and doesn't understand why her DLA for life has been stopped. Thsi distresses her a lot, as she has absolutely no other money coming in!


I signed it and wrote >

6 months is too long for any part of this when you know you time is limited like mine is. I was told without a lung transplant I would be lucky to have 4 years back in August but could not even apply whilst in hospital and didn't do so until October but it is May and I have still no idea if I will get PIP or not.

So the above petition would not be anywhere near enough IMHO"

However I didn't choose to display my signature as it said signature so I assume my name would be shown in public along with my address etc but hopefully it still counted?


Done it, good luck x


I've signed the petition!x



as I'm waiting for an assessment this seemed relevant, I've been informed no assessors in my area! Reforms are necessary but isn't a society judged by how it treats it's vulnerable members. Applied Nov 2013, looks like car is going to have be taken off road, but sun is shining and blue skies so its a good day. I'm not good at face book but have tried to share link.

Hope you have a good day


Sorry to hear about your predicament, its a pattern right across the country, which is wrong Thank you for signing and trying to share. I think I have my work cut out but I think its a worthy cause.. Think some people will get sick of me in a few weeks.??


I have signed :)


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